Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

The best mobile apps of the week

The best mobile apps of the week.

Pocket God (IOS): This game is great, from time to time in that trunk seemingly endless fun that is the App Store are little gems like Pocket God. True to its name in the game we become little gods where we have under our supreme power to Pygmys, some funny little men who go through the different islands skirt covered with banana leaves. And to be a god, not that we are very lenient and may launch against our small Pygmys all types of monsters, lightning, thunder, earthquakes, tsunamis and even zombies, ghosts and spiders mutants. Also remarkable refresh rate and frequent DLC costs $ 0'99 dollars.
Cannon Ball : With iOS 5 has built a new turn-based gameplay apliaciones yet few have dared to implement. The basic operation is that we perform an action (a movement on a map, a roll ...) and we turn to another player who receives a notice telling you that it's up, time in which we can stop worrying until the other end and turn notify us. Cannon Ball is a game without being extremely good, although it has its points, is based entirely on this system, useful for testing and see how this new feature. It's free.
Skitch (Android): Skitch is a rather famous application for Mac screenshots (though now that has been acquired by Evernote would expect that we can use in Windows, even if indirectly), known for its multiple options for sharing and customize your capture. He has now made the leap to Android, where we do not allow you to take screenshots, one of those absurd and counterproductive system limitations, but do the same for images, photographs and some documenos. It works flawlessly, is very fast and is free.
The Adventures of Tintin (Android): Normally Gameloft adaptations are always a little afraid to, because as soon as you take a crap game unplayable acceptable. However, I have to admit that of Tintin have been ported, it is no big deal, but especially if you saw the movie and liked the approach that has given Spielberg, based on tests and mini-games you'll probably like this adaptation of Tintin in your Android. The only downside, price, $ 7. Also available for IOS.

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