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The iPhone 5 will have an airbag on the screen, I'ts not a joke

The iPhone 5 will have an airbag on the screen WTF!!

It's not a joke. Nor is it a proven fact, but we can frame this story in the category of rumor. As you know, Apple is working hard at the launch of iPhone 5 , in spite of the coming-of 4S iPhone has generated a multitude of fronts open and unresolved. 

We refer, of course, to the problems of coverage, the impact on the screen, in the contact system and even the ability to read cards MicroSim. More than a few headaches for Apple, but it is expected that within a period (not far) of Cupertino can bring about lasting solutions. 

We hope so. Meanwhile, those who have missed the opportunity of the iPhone 4S are already thinking about all you can give him the new iPhone 5. A device that will be released in 2012, possibly during the summer months.
iphone5 01

There are still no concrete data about it, but it is known that the redesign will be important. 

For starters, the 3.5-inch screen will overcome the current to reach the four. Another interesting development - still labeled as a rumor, of course - is the possible integration of a system that could call type commonly airbag, to protect the screen of the phone. But he explains. 

According to Slashgear has told the media, a new report reveals that the new iPhone panels 5 may have a protective system very similar to what would be some air pockets with the aim to protect and keep intact the delicate device screen. This would, ultimately, a solution to generate robust and relevant screens in the future.

iphone 5 bolsas aire 01

The idea is nothing new. Some time ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced a fairly similar. It was patent to protect the screen of a smartphone through water and air bags. 

In this case, could be used small air pockets stuffed with foam, gel, silicone rubber or other viscoelastic materials, but Apple seems to be thinking of more resistant materials such as silicate glass. Upon detecting a collision or impact to or on any surface, enabling the fluid bags react with the power of an accelerometer installed in virtually all advanced smartphones.

Some technicians and analysts have pointed out that the idea is good, but could even be slightly beneficial for the company Apple. And it's so tough making phones that extends the life of them, and therefore, you can re-users the ability to buy the new models. More when they have - in theory - one of the toughest phone on the market in your pocket. Beyond assumptions, everything will be.

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