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Johnny Depp assault a disabled woman

Johnny Depp assault a disabled woman.

According to Jane Doe, the bodyguard of the actor abused her and humiliated, sticking out his pants in public and dislocating his elbow

Johnny Depp has been sued by a disabled woman, who says that last year's bodyguards manhandled and humiliated during a concert in Los Angeles, even to get the pants and dislocate the elbow, according to the news site TMZ.

According to the 52 year old woman, identified as Jane Doe, trying to reach his seat in the VIP area of ​​Iggy Pop, when members of the security of the actor of "Pirates of the Caribbean" "went crazy". According to the alleged victim, they grabbed her from behind while holding her wrists. Then they took his cell and later handcuffed and dragged, which, according to Doe, was that he leave the pants, "exposing her ass to everyone at the Hollywood Palladium Theater."

According to the woman, who is professor of medicine at the University of California, ended with dislocated left elbow, multiple bruises and bleeding wounds, which would have worsened their preexisting conditions: spondylitis and fibromyalgia.

The lawsuit does not specify what financial compensation Doe expects. According to TMZ, in December, after the incident happened, Doe stated the assault, but at that time was identified as Robin Eckert. Apparently when the attack was under the influence of alcohol.

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