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Steve Wozniak praise for Windows Phone, Apple iPhone don't impress him

Steve Wozniak praise for Windows Phone

Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple with Steve Jobs, has a healthy hobby to test all mobile platforms coming to market and express their opinion without any outside influence. You told us earlier this year before preferred Android IOS in specific functions such as voice attendees. But these days Wozniak has been testing Windows Phone, and their opinions are very, very positive. He said the experience aNewDomain podcast:
    Only for their looks and beauty, I prefer Windows Phone before Android. [...] I have no words, I have not seen anything more beautiful than the other platforms. [...] It is intuitive and beautiful. [...] I just love the experience [user] and bring my Windows Phone anywhere.

Wozniak argued a little later these views:
    In my opinion, raises the bar in terms of user interfaces. I would recommend before my Android phone knowing that does not yet have a good catalog of applications. 

So far it seems that Steve Wozniak has a new favorite OS. On a personal level, and after my experiences in the Mobile World Congress last February in Barcelona, ​​I have to say that although not preferred by design, the performance of Windows Phone is a key advantage that Microsoft has taken advantage of it. I guess now it's time for Apple to surprise everyone with the next version of IOS. See if they succeed.

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