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The iPhone 5 will have a very big screen, according to the Wall Street Journal

How will be the display of the new iPhone 5 ? This is one question that has rolled through the newsroom in recent weeks. And after knowing the intricacies of the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 , everyone is anxious to know what the new mobile phone from Apple . This time, we must speak of information that have been reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, since according to this method, Apple wants to introduce a new iPhone 5 with a larger screen could even reach four inches, leaving behind the 3.5 inches that have been raised so far. And while this information has already been discussed on many occasions, the less relevant it is precisely this means the task of reinforcing the rumor. A rumor that would scuttle the strategy addressed so far by Steve Jobs , former Apple chairman and mentor at the time.


The same agency reported that production of the new iPhone 5 will begin next June, because according to the theories of analysts, the Cupertino plans to launch the device in the coming autumn months. Thus, it seems that Apple is also working with several manufacturers of display. At the moment, it cited the following names: LG, Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc. If you finally decide to make an iPhone 5 equipped with a four-inch screen, Apple would break the tradition since 2007, which began with an iPhone of 3.5 inches. Everything will look. Keep in mind, in fact, that the iPhone 5 will compete head on with one of the most advanced phones on the market, if not the most. We refer, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3 : a phone as you may know, has assembled a panel of up to 4.8 inches of high quality.

iphone 5 nuevo 031

It is true that at this time, Apple has to face a stiff competition and a variety of products seems endless. We say this because so far the Cupertino had not been raised seriously the fact of developing iPhone different prices, given that all brands are trying to diversify its market. In this sense, it is likely that the company should also take into account the current macroeconomic situation. In any case, analysts have tried to demystify the size of the screen, indicating that this feature will not be final for the positioning of the device, as they say, are other benefits (UI, applications ...) that define the iPhone as such.

The iPhone 5 could occur during the month of October, just one year after the submission of the iPhone 4S . Some rumors pointed to June, but the truth is that with current information no choice but to rule as early arrival. 

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