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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) announced. Hardware, features and more!

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) announced. Hardware, features and more!

After months of speculation, today Samsung finally revealed to the Galaxy SIII during an event in London !

Among the features, we have:

    Screen 4.8 "Super AMOLED with a resolution of 1280x720p
    An 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.9-megapixel camera front, without any lag (similar to the Galaxy Nexus )
    32 or 16 GB of storage (with a 64 GB coming soon)
    CPU Quad Core 1.4 Ghz Exynos
    A 2100 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi, NFC, among other things.
    Available in 3G, LTE model coming soon
    8.6mm thick, 135 grams of weight.
    Available in two colors: "Blue Pebble" and "White Marble". Basically, a dark blue and white.

It will be released in late May in Europe and the rest of the world arrive in the coming months, in 145 countries.

TouchWiz and new possibilities

Apart from the features of hardware , Samsung showed several modifications that will be done in software, with the TouchWiz interface. A difference of TouchWiz to be found in the Galaxy S II (Android 4.0), this new version is more like neutral version created by Google, but also find some improvements made ​​by the company.
Screen Shot 2012 05 03 at 1 20 17 PM
Stay Smart, for example, use the front camera to monitor our eyes and maintain a certain level of brightness. To be monitoring our eyes, you can keep the screen on when it detects that we are seeing, and decrease the brightness (or off) when not.

Voice S is Samsung's answer to Siri, ie the ability to use voice commands to control your phone. As an example, we can tell the phone directly "Snooze" to turn off the alarm. We can also wake up the phone with a brief greeting. It supports English, German, French, Italian and Spanish!

S Beam, on the other hand, we can send files quickly between devices at high speeds, combining ease of NFC connection with WiFi Direct. Furthermore, it is improving the application AllShare (using DLNA) to make easier the option to share and send videos and media files directly to other compatible devices (like TVs, for example). Pop Up Play, on the other hand, allows us to We watch a video while doing other tasks. The video was full screen, we can turn it in miniature, and continue browsing, a sort of multitasking with video.
Screen Shot 2012 05 03 at 1 21 52 PM
The team, as mentioned at the event, will be available in late May in Europe, coming soon to other countries in the world in the coming months. An interesting team, and improvements have been made in the software are definitely eye-catching, instead of just changing the "skin" of Android, we are making some changes to improve team interaction. 

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