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Nokia C2-05, in-depth analysis, review and pics

Nokia C2-05, in-depth analysis, review and pics.

Nokia is still committed to the basic end mobile phones. So much so, that in recent days we have seen along the C2-05 Nokia also introduced the Nokia X2-05 , a device as simple and economical for users who are fleeing complications. The mobile phone at hand is more of the same. Especially noted for its forms, since it is much more compact than other phones that have also appeared at the same time, so that will appeal especially to users who are considered more practical. Moreover, we have a low-end mobile, designed for those who just want to call, send messages and listen to the odd song.
Indeed, as I said, the Nokia C2-05 is a phone that cost 50 euros in free format, so as you can imagine, the benefits are fairly basic. A pity that Nokia was not wagered a little more for the camera, since it is one of the most obsolete of the terminal. Nor is it a device equipped with connectivity options. You yourself can check on your data sheet is not a terminal network access 3G or Wi-Fi . But if yours is not connected to the Internet, it is possible that the Nokia C2-05 is a good solution to your needs. We tell you all the details of this phone in-depth analysis.
Design and Display
You will see that has a basic design but modern, especially the colors and looks and ergonomic rounded shapes. It is indeed a phone comfortable to hold with matte finish and a few buttons to reach. If there are problems of availability, the Nokia C2-05 is sold in blue, pink and gray, all combined with a glossy black.
According to its data sheet, the phone responds to a 99.4 x 47.8 measures mm and a weight of 98.5 grams. Without being too large, we can not say that we have a heavy mobile.  
Nothing is further from the truth. The Nokia C2-05 is lightweight, small and easy to carry. 

In fact, in the bottom of the main keypad we will find a sliding alphanumeric keypad, a small gem for users who feel a predilection for this type of functional keyboards. This technical performance we have to add a two inch screen color, QVGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a maximum depth of 65,000 colors. As you can imagine, the screen is not touch, because this is a entry level mobile phone. If this detail is not important to you, this will not be an impediment to take it into his pocket.
The Nokia C2-05 is a phone equipped for connectivity. In this way, if you want to stay all day connected to the Internet and enjoy a fast and agile Internet, we recommend you discard the purchase. The device operates on GSM 850/1900 networks. In this sense, I really can not connect to broadband Internet, or what is also known as 3G networks. The phone is not compatible with this technology, nor is the Wi-Fi wireless networks. A disadvantage in any rule that you can enjoy the available connections in your home, for example, in a restaurant, hotel or a library. Too bad. If for you these options are essential, you have to look at another model. Please remember that the vast majority of Nokia devices are compatible with Wi-Fi networks.
You should know that at least the phone supports Bluetooth 2.1 technology, you can use to transfer and synchronize files between devices. You will great if you like to share. In addition, the section of the external connections, the Nokia C2-05 enjoys a headphone output 3.5 mm you can use to listen to music. It also features a microUSB 2.0 input to connect your phone to the computer via a cable, plus a microSD card slot that will be of great utility to expand the device's internal memory and store more files like photos, videos or songs.
Camera and multimedia
We can not expect much from a phone camera like this. In fact, the phone is eminently suitable for those users who have no intention of taking pictures often. And is that the quality of the camera is really bad. You will see that the sensor reaches the 0.3 megapixel, so you do not have the slightest option of getting some quality snapshots. You better carry around a compact camera if you want to take pictures fairly good. The system has four digital zoom magnification, but is no longer capable of anything more. The video recording Nokia has saved for another time.
In the multimedia section, you see the Nokia C2-05 is capable of reproducing photos, video and audio in the main supported formats. In the words of his own official sheet, you see the device get along with the following extensions: MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC + and eAAC +. Otherwise, you can see that the phone also features an FM radio tuner with RDS stereo. You can also record voice notes and radio, and listen to music at a minimum quality through the speaker.
Memory and operating system
It is clear that in most cases, the internal memory is not one of the strengths of this kind of phones. The Nokia C2-05, in fact, only has 64 MB of which only 10 MB are available for the user to dispose of them. Clearly this does not can store many songs to listen anywhere in the phone as if it were an MP3 player. Thus, your best option is that you incorporate a memory of up to 32 GB that allows you to expand your phone's ability to work with your files loosely. You should consider this option to realize the full potential of the terminal.
As you can imagine, the system chosen for the occasion is not Symbian in its higher stages, or even Windows Phone 7, great operating system chosen to change the direction of Finland. This time, the Nokia C2-05 runs through the classical version of Symbian S40 interface, the easiest so far Nokia has installed on all entry-level terminals. In this way, users who are familiar with this system have no problem to use this device without any problems.
Autonomy and availability
The Nokia C2-05 has a simple battery, lithium ion, up to 860 milliamps. Thus, it is guaranteed up to 5 hours talk time and 600 hours standby. However, these balances will be verified through actual use, since everything can change depending on whether a lot or if you often call play music through the terminal.
Nokia still has not made ​​much reference to the availability of the terminal, but we know it could be in the European markets (including Spain) at the end of this year, with guarantees that can be acquired during the pre-Christmas period. On the other hand, know that the phone - in its free form - cost about 50 euros, so it stands as a good alternative in times of crisis.

Standard Multislot class 12 GSM 850/1900EGPRS
Weight and dimensions 99.4 x 47.8 x 16.3 mm
98.5 grams
Memory 64 Mb (10 Mb available)
Up to 1000 contacts
MicroSD cards (up to 32 Gb)
Color display 2-inch
Resolution QVGA (640 x 480 pixels)
65,000 colors
Camera and Multimedia 0.3-megapixel camera
Digital Zoom four increases
Reproduction of photos, video and audio.
Format: MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC + and eAAC +.
Stereo FM radio tuner with RDS
Record voice notes and radio
Built-in speaker
Controls and connections Symbian OS S40
Sliding alphanumeric keypad
Standard Charger Connector for Nokia
3.5 mm audio output
Bluetooth 2.1
USB 2.0
Autonomy Battery of 860 milliamperes
Talk time: 5 hours
Standby: 600 hours

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