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4 tips to speed up your computer boot, Pc, Mac, Netbook, etc

4 tips to speed up computer boot

In recent times have begun to emerge called ultrabooks powerful laptops. One of the most attractive of these teams is the inclusion of an SSD as a storage system. These cards allow the laptop to turn very quickly (the difference with the hard drive is just remarkable). However, for other cases the system optimization is a vital point to avoid having to wait more time on the computer. I counted four interesting tips to improve boot speed computer.

TuneUp Utilities , a tool quite used to improve performance, has developed four basic tips to increase the speed of the computer to boot time. First, a council trite but that is really vital in improving startup times is in disable programs that start with the system and are not really necessary. One option is to use the built-in TuneUp Utilities. We recommend you take hold of solute , a program that stands out for its clarity and simplicity. Solute is studied with the time that "steals" each application or process that opens the boot, and offers the option to stop or postpone its operation until the computer is started and we are not performing any task that consume resources.

The second piece of advice offered is off the computer devices that do not use regularly, such as Bluetooth or webcam. These devices consume resources when starting the system and can slow the process. To perform this glitch you must go to Windows Device Manager. You can find the Device Manager in Control Panel (in Windows 7 Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, then Device Manager). It is recommended to disable those components that have no clear its utility in the system. To stop a device, click in the button on it and then on the option "disable". By the time we need to use it again follow the same path and "enable".

Third, we suggest increasing the RAM on your computer. Component is a pretty cheap compared to the processor and can make a noticeable difference when you start the PC. The last piece of advice offered is to change the configuration BIOS (the BIOS is the software that controls the basic settings of the computer). The computers have different ways of accessing the BIOS during boot. In many cases accessed by pressing the delete key when the computer is booting (before it loads the system). From this platform we can determine that the boot is made ​​only from the hard drive, leaving out the optical drive or USB. Thus, it may save a few seconds. Anyway, we only recommend performing this advice if you are familiar with the operation of the BIOS.

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