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Worms Ultimate Mayhem in-depth analysis

Worms Ultimate Mayhem in-depth analysis.

Worms is a very popular series on the PC game for many years. I remember the hours I spent in front of the computer screen with those spades multiplayer Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, where our team had to be the only one left alive on the map and turn completely destroyed.
The saga of Team 17 got a strategy and action titles and addictive fun with these simple but effective two-dimensional mechanical liked both a lot of people. It was then decided to go for the jump to 3D, the game mechanics to move to a three-dimensional environment while maintaining the essence of the original games. But after several attempts the result was never as good or as effective as 2D titles.
Now, the British study returns to the fray with Ultimate Worms Mayhem, a downloadable title that combines two sets appeared for years on PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, yes with the corresponding face wash for marry well with the times. The title and lands in the respective online store, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam, to try to carve a niche among fans of the series, and to discover new recruits to the war between worms.
The title puts us in extensive scenarios they will face various groups of worms, in turn-based battles, which will have limited time to move one of our soldiers and make a single attack with one of the many wild weapons at our disposal, in order to defeat the enemy worms and try to get the last one standing worm is ours.
A simple mechanical object and leading to incredibly fun game. Battles occur in large and varied scenarios, all fully destructible, which as time goes boxes will appear new and effective weapons to crush our opponents.

What I liked

For those who like to play alone, play the campaign has both Worms 3D, as Worms 4: Mayhem, with lots of different missions to play we will be trapped for hours. The history of no importance, rather it is a simple and fun excuse to take us to different scenarios of movies, historical events or simply invented, which play our battles.
Also included are the challenges of both games, so there are single player content for a while. But grace is, of course, in multiplayer games that we play, both locally and via the Internet at the Peak and fun are guaranteed.
As I said, the graphic has been updated so that the title looks good in HD. The truth is that the graphics, cartoon style, are very colorful, with very colorful and varied settings, and worms with a few pints really funny. There are aspects that squeak a little, as the terrible shadows, but as I say the end result is pretty good.
The sound also plays with melodies and vocals that are consistent with sympathetic sense of humor that radiates the game.

I did not like

Unfortunately, the gameplay is still well below its 2D predecessors. While it is true that it goes beyond the time to offer a three dimensional environment in which to hide, or keep a step further by placing ourselves in the strategy map key places where we have a good perspective, the development of the games does sometimes very tedious, as the characters move slowly, and it all happens at a speed that sometimes comes to break the rhythm of the game.
On the other hand, the controls are not at all intuitive, and not a reorganization had been bad, considering the use of command that often make current titles. There are weapons in which to aim to use a button and others with which we must use others. At the end you get used, but that does not mean that all is not well implemented as it should.

In short

Worms 3D back to the fun and full title and content mode, but still sinning the same mistakes as their predecessors, making the items do not reach the level of brilliance of their 2D versions. Still, the title looks good, and the games still have that touch of fun to the Team 17 knows how to apply to their titles, creating a recommended title for fans of the strategy and action.

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