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Android Watches - I'm Watch, review

Android Watches - I'm Watch, review.

We've all always wanted to have a computer on the wrist, right? After all, is one of the icons of science fiction.
I'm planning to fashion Watch back to watches. Now that they have been replaced by smartphones and cell phones, why not add some features that gives us a smartphone , a clock?
Unlike alternatives such as LiveView from Sony Ericsson , I'm Watch (terrible name, I know), is a much more complete, serving more than just a reporter. And unlike newer alternatives such as Motorola MotoActv not only the fitness points.
No, this clock runs a full version of Android, but it can also sync with a phone to send and receive calls or text messages in addition to using the internet on our smartphone.
The screen is small, 1.5 "(plus, hardly come comfortably on the wrist) with a resolution of 240 × 240, which limits the applications that can run. But apparently, Twitter, Facebook, and others, works extremely well.

10-28-2011 5-52-21 PM
This is exactly what I wanted, the first time I saw an iPod Nano and straps that made him watch. And it was really a disappointment that the alleged "new nano" this year did not include a function that would have hiked the product to a new level with the iPhone Bluetooth connectivity. No more wallpapers like clockwork, but the option to connect this gadget to the phone to receive notifications, or use it independently for some tasks.
Unfortunately, the information is not yet possible price or release date. But we have more information soon, definitely appear on the blog.

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