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How is the camera of the new iPhone 6 for June

How is the camera of the new iPhone in June

The iPhone 5 has not yet completed their life cycle, but many people are thinking about the iPhone 6 will come. So much for that to happen, but what is clear is that Apple is already working on the next generation of its star device. It would have been wrong, and that the firm will devote part of their time to resolve issues raised by now the iPhone 5 and the new operating system iOS 6, whose problems are being fattened in those poor users who have trusted again in Apple technology. Issues aside, today we pay attention to a new gesture from the Cupertino firm. No, we are not facing a new apology by Tim Cook regarding Apple Maps service failed. Nothing is further from the truth. This time, we talk about the new patent filed, now in relation to the photographic system is normally built into the iPhone , like all smartphones today.

iphone 6 patente 01

As reported by Cnet prestigious half, the California company has introduced seven new applications before the U.S. Patent Office. All documentation would focus on improving the performance of the camera in the next iPhone, with the possibility that we can already see some of these features in the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, who knows. The first is directly focused, never better, to photographic filters. Apparently, Apple wants to extend the user to the various tools that allow you to remove red eye, thunder noise or aesthetic issues resolve some of the faces in the catches. In this sense, the remaining patents are also closely related to how the system detects that red eyes to eliminate us afterwards.
iphone 6 patente 02
Apple also has applied to register a patent that is intended to offer the user different snapshots to choose one that you like best. In fact, two images will first be easily replaceable by the initial second if the result is not satisfactory. We will see what is all this. The idea is, as you can see, the intelligent functions to match the iPhone in June with the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . And is that Samsung devices, each with their screens from 4.7 to 5.5 inches, are characterized by sign certain functions that are not in the other terminals and guarantee by far a much more solid and singular when perform multiple functions.
samsung galaxy s3 01

In the photographic section, Samsung has integrated its terminals an assortment of applications to obtain optimum results. We refer, for example, Best Photo, a tool like Apple just patented that allows us to choose the best shot from a good bulk of snapshots captured in burst. Social Functions as Tag, moreover, facilitate the labeling and thus the sharing pictures with friends and family in a more agile. Samsung has also made ​​progress in the system of sending pictures through an advanced facial recognition system that is already integrated as standard in the terminal.

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