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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

GMAIL The new redesign , review

GMAIL The new redesign , review.

Shortly after the launch of Google +, a series of changes began to arrive as a preview to the different webapps suite of Google, GMail was perhaps the one that suffered a more drastic changes, especially for those who wore years accustomed to the old interface.  

However, these changes are related only to the interface, such that the company just announced on his official blog are many improvements that affect such a conversation view of emails, a Improved search and a more flexible sidebar.
So far this whole series of new features not available to everyone, but Google will launch the progressive way. For those who have wanted to try as soon as possible in the coming days in the lower right corner you will see a new button that will allow us to activate all of them and make the change before it becomes official. The announcement comes a day where they have raised the ire of many users for the change in Google Reader interface , see how they affect also the case of Gmail and what are the reactions.
These are some of the developments and improvements:
  • Enhanced view of the talks: Twitter Something smells in this new enhanced view, loudly too. After years accustomed to other design can that this is one of the most dramatic changes and will suffer most from certain users. However, the truth and the truth is that the changes are noticeable to the naked eye without the product, photos of each user gives us a better idea to know who said what. Messages no longer occupy so much space and now when someone replies to a mail that is not the last in the thread of conversation (for example, a proposal made three posts ago) to contextualize the information specified.
  • Flexible Interface: Right now, the new issue are two types of the same, a condensate where all emails received are closer together and a clearer but less emails shows on the screen to be those farther apart. With this new version is improved and we can choose between various degrees and levels of presentation, from all compressed messages to have the most information in the shortest possible way around. It is something that changes automatically depending on the screen and we can also customize to our liking.
  • HD redesigned Topics: All Topics, which until now required us to have the old interface have been updated of course with the new. Not only that, the funds now have more resolution to support higher resolutions and improve the overall appearance of the entire application.
  • Enhanced Navigation: The left panel of the chat and labels can be customized much more, from browsing through it using arrows to resize by dragging labels to display more, less or completely hide the chat even.
  • Enhanced Search: Personally and having a pint of my favorite and most positive aspects of this new redesign. All that before we could do with commands and text now appears comfortably in a form that opens when you press the search box. As you can see in the picture has enough options, it also wins on simplicity and usability.
These are, at present, the features we know although it is possible that from now to be released officially there is any surprise, as I said before, those who wish to enjoy them soon stay tuned to see when Google enabled the button at the bottom to jump directly to the new design.

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