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10 tips for your iPhone that you don't know

10 tips for your iPhone that you don't know.

In 2009, Time magazine considered this mobile phone as "Invention of the Year" and the engine slowly caught on, to the extent that it is estimated that worldwide there are over 90 million users who have opted by purchasing one of these phones.

This type of apparatus, sometimes, are highly complex and often end up not giving the proper use and do not know some tools that could resultarnos useful.

1. Take a picture with the headphones. If we click on our iPhone camera option, you can use as shutter button mechanism located on the headphones, which increases the volume. This tip is great for those who wish for a portrait and not moved out.

2. Make a screenshot. If you want to recommend an application to another iPhone user and want to send a picture of the functioning of the need to make a screenshot.

What you get by pressing the Home button while you press the sleep button, and with it you get an image of your screen, which is saved in the "Camera Roll" which have all operating with iOS4.

3. Getting rid of the suggestions of the keyboard. Probably bother you that the iPhone auto by not entirely accurate and sometimes send a message in a word that has nothing to do with the original choice.

To remove this option enters to Settings, then to General and then Keyboard and then give off the "AutoCorrect". But if you want to keep that option deletes those words wrong, click on the X that appears next to the suggested word to clear the phone memory.

4. Create an icon for each bookmark. Safari allows the creation of markers to differentiate the sites we visited frequently. On iPhone you can make a shortcut that will allow this marker appears on the home screen.

All you need is to open a site and to click the option that says "add bookmark on the home screen." However, you can choose the icon you want to see if you open the page, you give to a particular image zoom and you click on add.

5. Reset the device. If your phone will get to amaze, do not worry, press the home button and off together for a couple of seconds. If the problem is simple, you'll notice that Apple icon appears or off the bar, which will have to slide the phone off and turn it on again and without complications.

6. Putting points on automatic. If you need to send a message urgently and quickly, easier and saves time in writing. If you need to do is put a period, you can do without having to press the respective key, as will appear automatically when you make a double tap on the spacebar.

7. Save an image of the browser. If you use internet and stumble upon a picture that you would like to store it is very easy. You just have to put a finger on it and press gently so that you see the option to "save photo".

8. Go to the top of a page. A causal If you meet a interesting article, but that is quite long and want to return immediately to the top, you do not pass your finger while moving the screen up .

All you have to do is press on the bar where the time and the battery to take you immediately to the header of a website.

9. Have on hand a scientific calculator. You only have to open the calculator application and you turn the phone to get this option allows you to make more precise and accurate calculations.

10. Save battery. Can do by lowering screen brightness or disconnecting you from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when not in need, and lock the phone when not in use. 
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