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Android, what is and ios better than iPhone OS ?

Android, what is and ios better than iPhone OS ?

Android is one of the names most often heard lately when it comes to technology. A new version, application ... has been taken down? Do not know very well that it is Android? In Tuexperto have prepared this guide to catch up in a moment.

What is Android?

Android is an operating system for mobile devices. It is the basic program to work making some smart phones and touch tablets. Like Windows , Mac OS X or Linux for a computer. That is, if you buy two phones of different brands, if both come with Android , the management of both will be almost equal. We may differ in technical features, in cameras or the size of the screen, but when handling them, the menus are the same. There may also be some subtle differences depending on the brand but the performance is basically the same.

That if, at the moment you start to handle them, you can install some other applications to customize your smartphone or tablet . If you are unclear what is a smartphone not worry, as we explained last week.

A little history

Android was a mobile OS based on Linux, open source, who developed some kids in 2003. Can you imagine: two guys in a garage writing open source until 2005 comes Google with a huge wad of notes and take-all. In 2008 in the U.S. have the service, and since then success has been incredible. Today, they are the best-selling operating system, well above its closest competitors, IOS ( Apple / iPhone ) and Windows Phone.


One of the biggest advantages of Android is the large number of applications available and the quality and price thereof. Today, there are about 450,000 applications for Android devices, and the number keeps growing. E s the second largest application market, behind Apple's App Store, though the distance is already very small. While it has some less than its direct competitor, has a significant advantage with respect to this: two thirds of the Apps from the Android Market are free.


For we know the p art interface graphical operating system, ie what we see. In the case of Android, is based on icons that appear at different menus. If you take a look, here we leave you with a video showing the latest version of Android available, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the most cutting-edge mobile market, the Samsung Galaxy S II .

Android is the operating system with more projection at this time. Almost all the mobile and tablet manufacturers choose it as the basis for its terminals. Today, more than 300 million gadgets in the world that run on Android, and the number is growing rapidly.

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