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Exclusive pics iPhone 5 made ​​of Liquid Metal

iphone 5 01

Exclusive pics iPhone 5 made ​​of Liquid Metal
Much has been said about the peculiarities of the new iPhone 5 . Although we currently know of its existence (it must be remembered that so far, Apple remains as quiet as a tomb), we can say that the foremost experts and analysts already have dared to make the first predictions. A few days ago, we talked about a radical change of direction within the company Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone and Tim Cook seems to have taken over. The thing is that this change of tone could be materialized in the technical profile of the next mobile phone from Cupertino. Although these are not the only changes you will see our eyes. And is that the company may also be considering a radical change in the appearance of the iPhone , with a very different in point of design.

iphone 5 02

So no wonder the design specialists have been put to think of new possibilities, making them reality (at least on an interim basis and through design programs) by the famous concepts. On this occasion, Antoine Brieux has been responsible for putting black on white his impressions of the Liquid Metal, a material that could become really responsible for reducing the thickness of the iPhone 5. Thus, the device could become a 20% thinner, thanks to an alloy of metals of high quality. Inspired by these ideas, Brieux has brought to light a virtual device that displays an agile design, elegant and slim design that offers a view of the iPhone 5 much more objective and credible when compared to all the recreation we had seen so far.

iphone 5 03

In this sense, it seems that Brieux Antoine has respected all the rumors to date have been reported through the media, but the fact is that only seems to have ignored the most likely. We refer to the possibility that the phone can get to having a 4.5-inch multitouch screen, and a physical button that allows us to access the main menu options. On the internal characteristics, Brieux has pointed to the possibility that the iPhone 5 also have an A6 processor quad core and a camera up to ten megapixels, which also would put in quarantine. Integrating, of course, a casing made ​​of metal which allows the phone liquid obtain a final measurements of 116.2 x 59.4 x 7.9 mm, significantly reducing its thickness.

iphone 5 04
For now we can not ensure that the new iPhone comes with this great number of improvements in tow. It would, of course, a radical change would not have referred to - at all - the former leader of Apple, Steve Jobs , totally averse to the integration of a display of higher dimensions. In fact, the mentor of Cupertino intended to maintain the 3.5 inches of principle, preserving compatibility with applications and other programs specifically designed for this format. Optimists believe that the display could reach 4 inches, tops.

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