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Nokia 110, in-depth analysis

Nokia 110, in-depth analysis

In the era of smart phones , smart phones that can do the same as a computer, many users do not have the slightest interest in a phone with the latest developments. For some, the mobile phone remains a tool to make and receive calls and send an SMS as much. If you are in that group you might want the new model presented today by the Finnish company Nokia .

A phone small, simple, lightweight and above all cheap, very cheap. Speaking of mobile pointers we have come to market that can pay 500 euros for a phone. Nokia has created this low cost device, with all that users need less interested in technology and a really interesting price.

We discuss in detail all the features of the new Nokia 101.

Design and Display

The design of this phone is remarkably youthful. Is available in four colors: black, blue, pink and yellow. They give a very casual and fun touch to a phone if sober. The screen layout and buttons is the classic Finnish brand, with a screen that occupies the upper half, and an alphanumeric keyboard underneath. In between, the control buttons, emphasizing the central to move to one side or another in the menus as well as to answer calls or hang up.

The screen of the Nokia 101 has 1.8-inch (45 mm) diagonal, and a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels. It also offers a total of 65,536 colors. These values ​​are not spectacular, but not sought in this model. The screen is enough to call or write and read messages may even demonstrates some photos if not too picky about quality.

The rear housing is occupied by a chosen color completely anti-slip elements. The set occupies only 110 x 46 x 14.8 millimeters and weighs 80 grams. May not have the latest technology, but it is certainly more comfortable and lighter than any smartphone.


In how much physical connections, what is striking is the ability to carry two SIM cards, with the advantages that entails, basically have two phone lines in one terminal. Also you can save settings for up to five different SIM cards.

In addition, the battery charger and a headphone output. This can be very useful to use the Nokia 110 as a music player. Also has wireless Bluetooth 2.1.

Camera and multimedia

The Nokia 110 has a camera VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels). In addition, you can also record video in QCIF quality (176 x 144 pixels). These values ​​are not impressive, but we can get out of any trouble at any given time.

When it is not too much is the media playback. It can play video and music formats most common (JPG, MIDI, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MP3, WMA, AAR, WMV, 3GPP, AVI, ASF). There is too much trouble to use it for use as a portable music player. In fact, you may fulfill this function better than many of the best smartphones, as without doubt the battery is greater.

Operating system and memory

Nokia remains at this terminal flagship operating system Symbian Series 40 (or just S40). It is easy to use and has much shooting. In fact, it is more likely than it may seem. Since a year ago WhatsApp supports the implementation of flagship instant messaging.

And in contrary to what may seem, can be used with S40 mobile Internet with relative ease. This time mobile browser comes with a specially adapted to the small size of the screens of these phones. In addition, the Nokia 110 has easy access to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The internal memory is small, only 64 Mb However, if we are thinking of holding a large number of photos or music, has the potential to be expanded via a microSD card. With this, we could store more than 32 GB of files.

Autonomy and availability

This is the strongest point of the Nokia 110. If we are getting used to having to charge your phone every day, sometimes not having the latest technology has its advantages. The battery has a capacity of 1,020 milliamps and can stand waiting 26 days and a half, and over 10 hours of talk followed. Nokia has announced that hit the market during the second quarter of this year, ie, starting now, before the summer.

Price and opinions

The price is obviously the best point of this phone. Will have a cost of just 35 euros. It is ideal for users who are not interested in the latest technology and wanting to stop half a month's salary on a phone.

In addition, the phone proves to be something more than a phone a few years ago. Has 3G functions and can surf the Internet. May not be the world's most comfortable phone to display web pages, but it is true that some users want to use lightest of the network.

It is easy to check email and write messages on instant messaging services. Access to social networks is guaranteed, although its use may not be too comfortable. Another interesting use of a phone like this is to have as a second terminal. When we run the battery of our smartphone will continue to have a phone capable of checking email and whose battery will take a few days.

Nokia does not want to leave the telephone industry s easier done well, because they still have many potential buyers. Despite this, he is working hard to launch smartphones powerful as we are seeing across the range Lumia Windows Phone. 

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