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Nokia 112, in-depth analysis, nokia double chip cell phone

Nokia 112, in-depth analysis

The Finnish brand today unveiled two mobile phones that have nothing to do with the current trend. Two telephones simply, without fanfare technical, but adapted to a specific profile of user: when you do not like hassle. Have called Nokia 110 and Nokia 112, we address the second.

And is that a phone like this has certain advantages over a smartphone last generation. weighs less and is smaller, since many do not yet convinced to carry a huge phone in your pocket. The battery does not have to be a constant countdown, and can take several days alive. And above all, is much cheaper. Now that the operators are failing to subsidize the purchase of smartphones we are realizing their true price, and are expensive.

In addition, these phones have some professional or semi professional vocation. They can accommodate two SIM cards, which can combine two phone lines into a single terminal.

The Nokia 112 prone something simpler: call, receive calls, and some features more typical of a more expensive phone. Below, we thoroughly as is the new Nokia 112.

Design and Display

The design of the Nokia 112 is quite traditional. Little more sober in color than his younger brother, the 110, and the typical distribution of the Finnish brand phones. At the top, a screen of 1.8 inches. in the center, a central control button to navigate between menus, and the basic keys to answer or hang up. At the bottom, an alphanumeric keyboard with a touch of color on the keys. Nothing too new, convenient and simple. Seems to be a more professional evolution of the Nokia 110, with less color in the covers.

The screen is, as we said, 1.8 inches diagonally, or whatever it is, 45 mm. The resolution is also quite discreet: 160 x 128 pixels, 65,536 colors offering. It is a screen designed to use "light". Call, find a phone on the agenda or write messages. We can display photos or media, as the phone allows it, but it is the ideal device to do so, because the screen is quite small compared to other phones on the market.

Its dimensions are 110.4 × 46.9 × 15.4 mm, weighing 85.5 grams. A small and lightweight phone that does not disturb in his pocket and intended to be manipulated with one hand.


In the field of connections, which catches the attention of this phone is the ability to carry two SIM cards. Unify two phone lines into a single terminal can be very handy if you have two phone numbers (for example, one business and one personal). It also has a plug for battery charging and connection by Bluetooth .

It also includes the ability to connect a microSD card to expand the capacity of the battery.

Camera and multimedia

The Nokia 112 has a camera in the rear. It has a VGA sensor, which gives a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels to the photos (0.3 megapixels). There is a spectacular value, since this phone is not directed to such ends. However, it acknowledges the presence of the camera, we can solve any situation.

As for the multimedia content, the Nokia 112 is able to open the most common formats today. It supports JPG, MIDI, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MP3, WMA, AAR, WMV, 3GPP, AVI and ASF. For this and for the battery, the Nokia 112 can be a good music player laptop.

Operating system and memory

Nokia has chosen to keep these phones in its flagship operating system, the S40 (or Symbian Series 40). Is the phone operating system most used around the world, is that Finland has sold 1,500 million singles phones in the past years.

One of the highlights of this OS is the browser Nokia browser. Adapted is a web browser to a team like this. Provides access to the network with slow connections and small screens. In addition, Nokia has included the ability to access social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The phone's internal memory is very small, only 64 Mb. However, it can be expanded via microSD slot, obtaining up to 32 GB extra. This would comfortably use the Nokia 112 as a portable music player.


The battery life is one of the highlights of this phone. Has a maximum load of 1,400 milliamps, and can withstand up to 35 days standby. In conversation, the most intensively used, the battery may take up to 14 hours.

Price and opinions

In this case, price and most obvious conclusion go together. It will cost 38 euros in free format. The price is light years puts the majority of mobile pointers today. It is true that the benefits are too far away, but there are users who do not want the pointer mobile market.

In addition, the Nokia 112 has some interesting features. You can do a basic Internet use such as reading mail with some normalcy. Social networks have received considerable attention in this phone, and it seems that can be used easily. Web browsing seems more complicated, despite having a specially adapted browser.

It seems to be the ideal phone for users with small concerns regarding the mobile Internet. On the other hand, it may be interesting as a second terminal for smartphone users. Ensure that the battery will take days and can continue using the functions most basic of a smart phone like email.

In any case, it seems that the Finnish company has not forgotten the low-end mobile phone, a land that still has perfectly mastered. 

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