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Sony Xperia GO, in-depth analysis

Sony Xperia go 05

Sony Xperia GO, in-depth analysis

It is a mobile phone ready to take everywhere: almost ready for all the vicissitudes of life. Who has not dropped the phone in the pool? How many dogs have devoured the screen of their masters? Did you ever fallen accidentally unseating the phone to pieces? The Japanese company Sony has decided to introduce a new mobile phone called Sony Xperia go that takes into account such vital accidents. This is a terminal equipped with all the certifications that you miss when your phone has been disabled by a shower or a generated drop in irreparable damage. The Sony Xperia go is presented to the public as a stylish device, but robust, with all the technical features you'd find on a mobile phone art.

The Sony Xperia phone go could be the road people. And is that besides having a touch screen very well equipped, with a five megapixel camera and a dual core processor, the device comes ready to face any accident at home, on vacation or in our workplace. There are many manufacturers to seriously consider the introduction of certain benefits or added benefits to save their terminals harmful external agents such as water or dust. In fact, virtually all displays of today and come equipped with a protective layer which acts against accidental bumps and scratches. It is, increasingly, to protect an indispensable tool for our lives: the smartphone. Next, we present a detailed analysis and background information for this Sony Xperia go.

Design and Display
Sony Xperia go 01
The Sony Xperia go has a design very similar to that of his brothers, members of the Xperia family in the new division specializing Sony Mobile. In this case, the phone comes in three colors: black, white and yellow, but is very similar to the forms so far presented in the Sony Xperia P, S and Sony Xperia Sony Xperia U, to name three recent examples. The phone in question has some measures 111 x 60.3 x 9.8 mm and weighs 110 grams (battery included), so we are not a particularly heavy device, but rather light and thin. The most interesting of all, however, passes through the series of materials which have been used to make the apparatus. And, as I said at the beginning, the Sony Xperia go is made ​​to be resistant to scratches and bumps on the glass, but also on the back cover. Endure without problem vases of cold water, dust and other materials falling as flour, chocolate, mud or sand.

The screen is made thinking of the most demanding users, but also the most clueless. It features a 3.5-inch TFT panel and a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. It operates through technology Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, used in the past by Sony to enhance the experience with their TVs. It has a depth of up to 16 million colors and a multi-touch input even enables you to operate with wet fingers. This is the Wet Finger Tracking. Glass is resistant to shock, as it incorporates a layer of protection, and avoid annoying reflections that occur as the effect of sunlight on the screen.

The Sony Xperia convinces us go. It does so because we are increasingly those of us who carry the phone anywhere and do anything. For example, to read a recipe or to make a picture of the dish that we prepare and teach on Facebook. We also took the phone to the pool and show everyone how well you spend in the water. Are uses that have become normal tasks, so begins to be essential to have phones in our hands ready for anything.

As a good advanced smartphone, the Sony Xperia go is perfectly equipped for connectivity. First, we will say that the phone operates on GSM GPRS / EDGE and UMTS 850/900/1900 HSPA 900/1200 worldwide except the Americas. I must say that in this case, the company intends to file a nearly identical issue in the U.S. and Latin America that is tailored to their technologies. The Sony Xperia go is compatible with 3G (HSPA 5.76 Mbps / HSUPA 14.4 Mbps) and with other wireless technologies, especially useful for achieving safe and secure connectivity. We refer to technology Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi Hotspot and the system that allows us to leverage our connection 3G to equip our laptops or tablets accessories. The device also supports the DLNA standard with Bluetooth technology and GPS (aGPS). Users can synchronize data via Exchange ActiveSync and Google Sync, as well as work seamlessly with the main services offered by Google for free. We refer to Google Voice Search, Google Talk with video chat, Google Mail and Google Maps with Street View and Latitude. A delight for those who often use geolocation services.

In the section on physical connectivity, we can target an output of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, useful for listening to music in silence. Most music fans will also be able to connect the phone to some small speakers and enjoy your favorite tunes in the garden or on the terrace, if desired. It features a microSD card slot that will help us expand the terminal's internal memory, plus an input high speed microUSB 2.0. Thus, you can connect the Sony Xperia go to the computer to sync content or even to charge the battery, if you do not have the official charger handy.

Camera and multimedia
Sony Xperia go 02
The company Sony has always been known for devoting special attention to the chambers of their devices. This time, the Sony Xperia features a camera go up to five megapixels, multiple added functions. We refer to an LED flash, allowing us to get good pictures when we have a poorly lit stage. The camera system includes auto focus and digital zoom up to 16 increases, plus the 3D Sweep Panorama. Obviously in most advanced terminal, users of this phone will have the opportunity to record videos in high definition (720p). The device incorporates a second chamber in the front, so that the user can not perform an agile video call, via the secondary chamber which normally forms part of these features telephones. And that's the benefit of the camera. What about the potential of multimedia?

The phone perfectly fulfills the main multimedia features. In fact, the Sony Xperia go will allow users to enjoy playback of music files, video and photos in most formats. So far, in the data sheet indicated the following: MP3, 3GPP, MP4, SMF, WAV, and Ogg OTA. The phone also has FM radio with RDS and TrackID music recognition. Here, Sony has integrated multimedia technologies incorporated into their devices regularly. We refer to the experience xLoud to filter the audio, access to entertaintment Sony Network Platform, provides bass reproduction and clear stereo and 3D surround sound. Users will also have access to Timescape with Twitter integrated Facebook into Xperia 2.0, Adobe Flash video accelerated movement and games.

Memory, processor and operating system
Sony Xperia go 07
The Sony Xperia go is a phone equipped with an internal memory of up to 8 GB, 4 GB user available. This space is useful for storing documents, photos, music and even videos, plus applications to be installed at the very heart of the phone. If this amount of GB is not enough for you, you can choose to add a microSD card of up to 32 GB, since the phone is perfectly compatible. The device also features 512 MB ​​of RAM that will impact directly on the performance of the device.

The device processor is a Cortex A9 Nova Thor dual core, running at a clock frequency of 1 GHz. Here, you'll see that it shows in the performance and running applications and the main functions of the device. This time, Sony Mobile has decided to equip the phone with the operating system of Google , Android . The version chosen was Gingerbread Android 2.3 , but is expected to upgrade to the latest edition Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 arrives sooner rather than later to feed the device with new advanced features.

Autonomy and availability
Sony Xperia go 03
The Sony Xperia go before the world comes equipped with a lithium ion battery for up to 1,305 milliamperes. If Sony's own projections are met, the phone could offer a standby time of 520 hours and talk time of 6.30 hours. If you love playing music, you'll see that you can enjoy up to 45 hours or 6 hours if you play videos. These balances have to be checked by using ordinary, since the performance of the device will depend - in reality - the use made ​​by each user and customs thereof.
Sony Xperia go 04
Availability yet nothing is written. We have to wait a bit to know the exact dates of release of the device, but most likely not long before we see the Sony Xperia go in the Spanish market. Later know exact details on pricing and availability of the device possible in the catalog.

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