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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Who is the "Cannibal of Miami"?

Who is the "Cannibal of Miami"?

Ruby Eugene, 31, is the 'cannibal' that shocked the world after attacking and biting the face of another person on a road in Miami , under the influence of drugs.

From an early age, Eugene was a habitual user of drugs and narcotics. In fact at autopsy that was conducted found remains of Ivory Wave, a drug that has the same effect as mephedrone: rapid heartbeat, chest pain, anxiety, hallucinations, and involuntary facial contractions.

From age 16 he launched court cases for various crimes. Eugene has been arrested multiple times for violence and drug sales, but was never convicted.

He was married for 2 years, and thought his life was ordered at this time, but after divorce, chaos invade again. Since then, the authorities assume that Eugene was living in the open, under bridges and squares.

So he found the woman who called police on Saturday, seeing him naked, eating away the face of a homeless man who was lying on the floor, unconscious.

His state of alienation was such that even l ollowing the officer shot him in the leg, just managed to turn around, look, grunted biting animal and to follow his victim, so that the police had no choice you shoot to kill.

The victim remains in critical condition at a hospital in Miami and his identity is unknown. Meanwhile, the police officer needed psychiatric treatment for the impact that caused the scene that had to witness.

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