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How to change the background or skin on Twitter - TUTORIAL

How to change the background or skin on Twitter

Whether you're a user of Twitter from the web interface as if you know your profile is visited frequently from the browser, chances are you're interested in giving a more proper and personal to the main screen of your corner in the known social network of the bird. To do this, you can choose your own guisarte wallpapers, color themes suit a make harmony with the images you employ as customizations, or directly use the solutions proposed by the thousands of pages to when advising on graphic for Twitter.

If you're a little hand and want to do your own background image, it is best that you generate a file with a minimum resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. The end result will vary depending on the resolution of your computer screen that displays the page as well as the size settings of your browser, so in most cases is not required to exceed a resolution of 1,920 pixels wide. The image is aligned to the upper left corner. We also have the ability to select smaller images and asked to repeat like a mosaic.
TwitterWhether you choose one as an option, start by going to Settings panel Twitter. To locate it, just placed in the top bar of the web interface of the popular social network. In the area of the right, between the search box and tweets publishing point, we will see an icon that when clicked, displays several options. We shall soon find the one on the configuration. Once there, we will see new access in the left column. We are interested in dedicated to the design. Twitter offers several clipart backgrounds, as well as direct access to Themeleon, but we will deal with that later.

A little further down, we'll see how Twitter invites customization. Simply choose the image that we have created and upload to the server. As Twitter warns us, we can not exceed a certain size with the file you go up the top-ranking in 800K - and not all image formats are valid, restricting the other hand, popular and common GIF, PNG and JPG. If we use a small format images, the system allows us to generate a mosaic-like repetition, as we said before. This same option can be used in case you want to use a background of generous size, but perhaps should make provision to be falling short in certain resolutions.
If you do not press the mosaic option described in the latter case, we could always use a colored background that is harmonized with the image you've uploaded. This is a hexadecimal code, where the color is defined by a combination of letters and numbers, and we can know using any drawing program or photo editing -. At the same point, we could also customize the color of the text link carrying using the same type of code. Once completed, save changes and we will have our new style of Twitter completed.

As anticipated above, there are other ways to customize the background of our Twitter profile. It might not be as skilled as we would create our own images for the background, in which case we could resort to some of the many websites that populate the network and offer free wallpapers. Just do a search to find a bunch of them, although we suggest some as Free Twitter Skins , Twitter Gallery or TwitrBackgrounds . In some of these also find that the above proposed Themeleon, which we explain below.
Themeleon is a solution proposed by Twitter itself, whose mission is to generate topics. Such options will give us the possibility to adjust multiple parameters of the final appearance will acquire our profile in the social network of 140 characters. In the specific case of Themeleon, we can operate in two ways. On the one hand, we could choose a theme and proposed the web. Once selected, in the Layout section could tweak some color options, seeking combinations of different colors and fonts for different sections of our profile.
This same section also will be customizable in case, right from Themeleon, we want to raise our own image-whether designed by us, or rescued from a website that offers predefined funds. Again, from this site we are able to set the background mosaic mode, occupying the actual maximum screen resolution or in combination with a predominant color. And, as we say, the whole process can be carried out directly from the website of Themeleon after us identified with our data on Twitter. 

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