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Samsung Smart LED ES8000 TV, in-depth analysis

Samsung Smart LED ES8000 TV, in-depth analysis

The ES8000 is connected TVs carefully tended. They are teams with a LED backlit LCD panel, which offers a good contrast, and can display three-dimensional images effortlessly. Its connectivity is broad and does not fall short when working with any sources, and belong also entitled to this new category called smart TVs or Smart TV, as the Korean preferred. They belong to high-end Samsung. There are some TVs that, while not expensive, not near the pocket of the ordinary citizen as others with fewer benefits. The price of having the latest, the best, in the living room. As also are available in many diagonals, the size of the room is no longer an excuse for not getting one of these models. You'll find them in stores under the names of 40 inches UE40ES8000 with 1,700 euros, UE46ES8000 of 46 inches per 2,100 euros, with 55 inches UE55ES8000 € 2,900 and 65-inch UE65ES8000 (price not yet available).


Image quality is one aspect where manufacturers are fighting back. That's why Samsung designers have chosen a panel LCD Ultra Clear, with 1080p resolution. Although the design is very elegant, very few concessions have been made using a framework that really comes down to a thin metal strip placed around the image panel and called One Design. The shell is thin with very fine lines, and the thickness minimized. The backlight LED Dimming is Ultimate Micro, and is responsible for the high contrast. We're not talking about mere differences between the darkest blacks and brightest whites, as with other displays. Behind the image panel is a tapestry made up of thousands of tiny LEDs that illuminate small portions of the image separately, adjusting precisely the level of light in each of them independently.
samsung es8000
Local control is much more extensive, and the detail in highlights and shadows, too. All backed by excellent 3D image engine HyperReal Engine. The image panel offers a refresh rate of 800 Hz with the three-dimensional images are achieved with no flicker, and well defined at all levels. Work with active shutter glasses, and in most markets each screen comes with two pairs of glasses. It also has a converter from 2D to 3D , for those times when no native three-dimensional content at hand.


Those in the Korean have worked hard to provide these TVs ES8000 family of good sound, but recognize that not as bright as the picture. It is a basic engineering problem. If you want a TV so thin, there is hardly space to install other speakers. Anyway, have used a full range located at the bottom of the screen and pointing downward, giving a little more presence to the midrange of the voices, even at the lowest.

To achieve get the most out of movies to be supplemented with a good theater system home theater, or at least with a good sound bar. They deserve at least that is how these TVs. Luckily, you do not sound as full at the time to enjoy the news, soap operas or game on Sunday. For fans normal until those two channels of 10 W. And of course, has the usual envelope sound decoder with Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, SRS TheatreSound or DTS 2.0 +. It also has a volume limiter to prevent heart attacks during the commercials.

Smart features
The members of this family are Samsung Smart TV 2012 . More than televisions. They are intelligent machines that will be easily upgradeable as they move to user needs. You can install new applications with the assurance that the dual-core processor is powerful enough to work with up to twelve applications at once. Indeed, the top of the frame straight line is not continuous. It houses a small projection which houses an HD camera and two microphones that are needed for video conferencing with Skype, an application installed as standard. There are currently over 1,400 applications available for these TVs, and their number is constantly growing.
samsung es8000
Use one of these sets is as easy as using your mobile. The small camera and two microphones have a second utility is that makes these TVs can be controlled by voice and gestures, and can recognize faces ( Samsung Smart Interaction ). Thus, it can handle functions such as raising and lowering the volume or even surf some websites simply by voice or by certain gestures. And that's not all. Utiizar may, for example, a phone or a tablet S Galaxy Galaxy Tab to control the TV if the application is installed Samsung TV Remote App, which is free. Equally interesting are the facial recognition technology, which let the user in their applications "for free", without typing a password, although the manufacturer warns that it is a somewhat less secure than the password.


They have three HDMI inputs art to connect other equipment such as Blu-ray players or satellite receivers. There's a world of content that can be played out in these TVs through USB 2.0 ports. You can read music, photos and movies and also record TV shows memory keys. The Wi-Fi is built. That means no need to buy adapters to connect to the local network or Internet, without wires. Also at the rear is an Ethernet port.
samsung es8000

The ES8000 series TVs will become the dream of most demanding fans. If someone wants a simple screen to view an informative, some series, Sunday's game and little else, better not bother buying one of these. On the contrary, who need to use a machine to enjoy the latest movies, connect to the Internet, social networking, or make video calls to friends and family, among other activities, then you better not think about it much. Available in a wide range of diagonals so they can fit into all the rooms and, thanks to its nice design fit all the decorations. The 3D glasses work with active and effective. Brings a new dimension to entertainment. The Smart TV platform created by the manufacturer has specific applications for children and others for the whole family. Their number is constantly growing. 

Panel Ultra Clear
Ultimate Micro Dimming
Diagonal screen 40 inches
46 inches
55 inches
65 inches
Resolution Full HD 1080p
3D Active shutter glasses
Refreshment 800 Hz Clear Motion Rate
Sound 3D Sound
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Pulse
SRS TheatreSound
DTS 2.0 +
2 x 10 W
Connections 3 HDMI 1.4
Component video
Composite video
Optical audio output
3 USB 2.0

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