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WWDC 2012: Best of the Apple conference

WWDC 2012: Best of the Apple conference

The reasons why this 2012 edition of the WWDC is separated from the rest is obvious.This is the first developer conference from the death of Steve Jobs , but the mourning had to surrender at the feet of enthusiasm among those present and the innovations that Cupertino had prepared. Several of these developments had already been leaked, and some told his official presentation in advance, but put everything on stage and make the debut is a custom that Apple has no intention of shelving. 

Yesterday began the World Wide Developers Conference 2012, and this is what we found.
Those are a lot of zeros ... (Source: AnandTech) - WWDC 2012
    The wisdom behind the words of Freddie when he said that "the show must go on" is much deeper than it appears. 

The world keeps turning, and leading change. Keep the essence is the main target, but improving it becomes a mammoth task. And whether you adore or hate this company, Apple needs to be handled Titans. Steve is no longer physically with us, but Tim Cook has shown so far that the CEO's shoes are going much better than I thought. 

As has happened in recent years, Apple must not only respond to current challenges, but also raise new ones. The popularity of IOS devices is undeniable, and the MacBooks continue to gain ground, but the benefits are not as strong as they once were. Competition in the mobile device market is a shambles, while players like Intel have joined the force between the ultra-portable.
The new generation keeps its price level, but offers better hardware - WWDC 2012
    WWDC 2012 is one of the most anticipated conference of the year. Apple moves to San Francisco to carry it out, but still continues playing at home. Developers, journalists, enthusiasts and curious several sold out in less than two hours the entries in April, paying a staggering € 1.280 each. 

The ritual was started, Siri served as the intro with a few jokes ("I'm excited by Samsung ... not the phone, but the fridge"), and with Cook on stage, the first movement is clear: To confirm the faith of shareholders and to remind them why they are paying $ 570 for each paper. The App Store has 400 million credit card accounts registered, forming the largest database of its kind (and by extension, the potential customer base) largest Web. 650 000 applications in the store, 225 thousand of them optimized and / or made ​​for iPad. 
The store reached 30 billion downloads combined, and the developers have received from Apple a total of five billion dollars so far. Long story made ​​short: The App Store is stronger than ever.
Over five million pixels in fifteen inches - WWDC 2012
    After an interesting video showing how Apple is changing the lives of many people (disability assistance and education were two central themes), we get the hardware. Updates for the entire MacBook line was a play within all expected, and that's how we see the next generation of MacBook Air, now based in the Ivy Bridge architecture. 

The models are still divided by 11.6 and 13.3 inch display with native resolution of 1,366 by 768 and 1,440 by 900 pixels respectively. The base configuration for both models comes with a Core i5 1.7 (11 ") and 1.8 GHz (13") with a Turbo Boost frequency leading to 2.6 and 2.8 GHz, while the processor is a Core i7 optional 2.0- GHz and 3.2 GHz Turbo Boost. 

The solid state is immovable in the MBA, with options ranging from 64 to 256 GB. The base RAM is 4 GB for all models, with the option of raising the amount to 8 GB, while the video, of course is based on the Intel HD 4000. FaceTime camera with 720p resolution, two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt, MagSafe version 2 and an SD card reader (this is for the 13 "model), WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0, speakers, microphone, headphone jack, and battery life of five hours on one side (11 ") and seven hours on the other (13") close the combo. 

Maintaining its policy of offering more for the same price, Apple ships these new MBA from $ 999, and all its updates, the thirteen-inch model amounts to $ 2.199.

    The new generation keeps its price level, but offers better hardware - WWDC 2012 The new generation keeps its price level, but offers better hardware
Greater integration between Apple products. The line between the platforms is becoming less clear, courtesy of Mountain Lion. - WWDC 2012
    However, the queen of the hardware at this time was the MacBook Pro, for one reason: The laptop Apple logo now Retinal Display. The new MBP are divided into models with or without Retina Display, although the maximum screen size remains 15 inches. 

With the introduction of Retina, the resolution is triggered by 1.800 2.880 pixels, but you have something in mind: The MacBook Pro does not use that resolution natively, but applications should be optimized or use pixel replication to provide users access without sacrificing readability (the default resolution in the new MBP is 1.440 for 900 using four physical pixels each represented). 

Apple has reduced the reflection of the screen by 75 percent, and increased the contrast by 29 percent compared with previous models. With a thickness of 18 mm and a weight of just over two kilograms, the new MBP come with a Core i7 (also Ivy Bridge) of 2.3 and 2.6 GHz (with Turbo mode of 3.3 and 3.6 GHz), 8 GB of RAM ( maximum 16 GB) solid state from 256 GB (768 GB maximum), dual video system with the Intel HD 4000 on the one hand and a chip Nvidia GT 650M with 1 GB of RAM on the other (the 

Intel video not perform at resolutions as high, hence the need to integrate some of Kepler to the configuration), and the rest comes out of the manual: Two USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt, HDMI port, MagSafe 2, SDXC reader, headphone jack , dual microphones, WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0 and set of seven hours. The MacBook Pro offers Retinal Display start at $ 2.199, while the optional hardware triggers the cost to $ 3.749. Those who can leave out the "premium" of Retinal Display, Nvidia video and SSD can access a MBP from $ 1.199 13-inch screen.

    Over five million pixels in fifteen inches - WWDC 2012 Over five million pixels in fifteen inches
Sports and movies will be within the expanded capabilities of Siri - WWDC 2012
    The main developments on Mountain Lion, the next operating system OS X family were mainly covered the day of its official launch in February , but there were many details to stand out on stage. First, bear Mountain Lion Safari under so-called "icloud Tabs" access through the cloud to all open browser tabs you have in all your devices and OS X IOS partners. We have seen something similar in Chrome and Firefox, but Apple does this apply to your icloud for a more comfortable experience. 

Then there is what is known as "Power Nap". When a system goes to sleep can do virtually anything, but with Power Nap, users can receive software updates, emails and other types of notifications. In essence it is equivalent to the Standby Connected to Microsoft is gearing up for Windows 8 or Intel SmartConnect. Power Nap will be available for the second generation of MBA and MacBook Pro with Retinal Display. Another strength of Mountain Lion will be on its price. 

Upgrading from Snow Leopard or Lion will cost only twenty dollars. The price is appealing the decision, perhaps not. I have noticed several complaints to suggest that Apple is selling what should be a "free service pack," but that depends on the interpretation of each.

    Greater integration between Apple products. The line between the platforms is becoming less clear, courtesy of Mountain Lion. - WWDC 2012 Greater integration between Apple products. The line between the platforms is becoming less clear, courtesy of Mountain Lion.

    IOS probably deserves an article 6 on its own, but try to expose that has been the most important thing about this phone system upgrade. The first, or better said "first" to receive modifications is Siri. 

Siri now knows about sports, movies, you can make reservations through services like Yelp, and most importantly you can now run games and applications developed by third parties, particularly heavy debt he had with users. 

Some car manufacturers will also implement a default support for Siri called "Eyes Free", which in theory allow the user to access the functionality of Siri while keeping the iPhone screen off. Brand new Siri conclude with expanded language support. Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Korean chio are some of the languages ​​that are coming in Siri. IOS 6 also brings a more sophisticated call control, with a mode "Do Not Disturb" to use at night and pre-recorded messages for when a call is rejected. 

Facebook has won more integrated in IOS 6, with a more direct support in the notification center. It is also necessary to mention the "Lost Mode", which sends a phone number to your iPhone if you have lost it, and put that number on the screen to find anyone who can regresártelo (...) and "Pass Book", which organizes various types of passes, tickets and cards.

    Sports and movies will be within the expanded capabilities of Siri - WWDC 2012 Sports and movies will be within the expanded capabilities of Siri

IOS calls attention Maps 6, and is receiving - WWDC 2012    
Still, there are two things about iPhone OS 6 that deserve a separate paragraph. One is Maps. It had been speculated about the possibility of a map service of Apple in recent times, with the clear intention of throwing a punch and move to equivalent services from Google and Microsoft. 

Maps has support turn by turn navigation, integration with Siri (I hope it works well), and the same goes for Yelp and Apple Flyover, which provides 3D images of the maps. The demo on stage was very good, but Maps has caused more noise out of the conference within it. As has happened for the past eleven years, Apple shares registered a drop in the first day of the WWDC. 

Analysts associate this little slip of two percent to the fact that Google Maps is much more developed than Apple Maps, but still negative reaction on Apple's market value was minimal. Who suffered a blow were competitors like Garmin. Following the announcement of Maps, Garmin shares reached a record low so far this year, losing more than eight percent. Abandoning its effects on the financial road, iOS 6 has more to its users: FaceTime on cellular network. At the time of its release, FaceTime was criticized for the lack of 3G support, but Apple now puts the service to meet the demands. 

This is likely to cause nightmares among providers of telecommunications infrastructure do not have their day. IOS Beta 6 is now available, while its official launch will be in the autumn. iPhone OS 6 will be compatible with the iPhone from version 3G, iPod Touch fourth generation, and the last two generations of the iPhone.
    IOS calls attention Maps 6, and is receiving - WWDC 2012 IOS calls attention Maps 6, and is receiving

    And here comes the vast majority of what was revealed during the keynote. The general impression is that Apple is oiling the machinery and eliminating sharp edges, something that every user can appreciate in one way or another. 

The new MacBook Air will not only incorporate new technology, but prices will cause a shift in previous generations, which certainly put pressure on the ecosystem of the Ultrabooks. The presence of the Retina Display on the MacBook Pro may not have an immediate impact with consumers (after all, the lines "premium" always move slower), but if Apple can place more than five million pixels on a screen fifteen inches, OEMs must find a way to offer something similar. 

Maps is another manifestation of the long conflict between Apple and Google, with the potential to completely change the use of maps on mobile devices. The competition between them in the market is fierce, not to mention the "colorful descriptions" of Steve on Android in the past. Mountain Lion must change some of the negative feelings that have formed around Lion, a task that is not entirely straightforward, and IOS 6 merely reveal the commitment of Cupertino on a mobile platform that has become the central nervous system of the most successful product line in company history. 

Now comes the question: What about the iPhone 5? All arrows point to October, but for now, silenzio stampa.

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