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10 things you can ask the wizard voice of the Samsung Galaxy S3

10 things you can ask the wizard voice of the Samsung Galaxy S3

It is one of the most succulent Samsung presented together with its Galaxy Samsung S3 , the current flagship of the firm. And is that in addition to provide a highly equipped mobile phone in the hardware section, Korea has tried to present a device packed with advanced multimedia functions. One of the most important, no doubt, is the assistant S Voice voice, so it has been baptized by the company. This is a service that works in the image and likeness of Siri , the voice service that Apple already filed for the iPhone 4S but has played just the way everyone expected. Unlike the wizard, the Samsung has received support multiple languages, which is Spanish. But, what it really S Voice? Then we tell you ten things you can ask the assistant Samsung. Maybe you can try?

Samsung Galaxy S3 01

1) Unlock the phone. You can wake up to S Voice with a simple voice command, for example, saying Hello Galaxy. Best of all is that you can unlock your phone using the same sequence as long as S Voice is enabled.

2) Dial a number. Do you want to call someone and do not want to score - one key - the numbers on the virtual keyboard on the screen? Well, with S Voice have the opportunity to indicate you want to dial a number out loud and say each digit to carry out the call.

3) Send a message. Just as you can make a call, you also have the option to manage sending a text message or email to any of your contacts. Vocalize correctly to create a sequence of text and send it immediately, without lifting a finger.

4) Answer a call. You can have your hands full or be in full nap. You will not need to pick up the phone to answer a call. Stating that you want to Answer, the call will be taken down and you can easily engage in conversation with your partner.

5) Write a note. If you also use your phone as a notebook, here's an interesting solution to your fingertips. And is that in addition to managing contacts and messages, you can also generate your own notes by voice clips that are recorded in text format in the calendar or notepad the device.

S Voice 01

6) Search for contacts. An interesting option is to conduct the search for a contact to not have to be sliding your finger across the list that we have stored in the Galaxy S3. Suffice it to say the contact name in question to locate the system.

7) Open the browser. Launching applications is another of the advanced features offered by the assistant S Voice to facilitate the user to work or entertainment. You can change your browser with one touch voice and start searching.

8) Perform a search. Yes, like I said, the service is fully synchronized with Google, so you should have no problem in indicating what you are looking to appear in search results without having to have large sequences previously typed the text.

9) Take a picture. It is one of the most appreciated, because we can activate the camera system indicating it to S Voice we want to take a snapshot. This is a fast and agile that it will save a few seconds and we avoid missing a single photo.

10) Create an alarm. Set an alarm is now easier. The wizard will step you through configuration, so you just have to tell you what time you wake up the device to stay tuned and do not get hit the sheets.
samsung galaxy s3 13
Remember to use all these functions have to properly configure the assistant S Voice, accessing the space S Voice Settings to select important parameters such as language, location data, the offensive words, and so on. You can also set, of course, the sequence of voice that resonates with each of these actions, so that using the wizard can find it more familiar.

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