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How to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3

How to save battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3

There is an unresolved issue relating to smartphones or smart phones. We refer, of course, to the battery of the device. The increasingly large screens and high-powered processors offer only limited autonomy that allows the device to conserve energy for a day, at most, doing normal use of all its functions. The truth is that there are several ways to save some battery, but it makes sense that we all active functions to maximize the performance of the device, in this case, the Samsung Galaxy S3 . And is that the Korean flagship is no exception. The terminal has a lithium ion battery with a capacity greater than 2,100 milliamps. Today however, we will tell you some tricks to save battery on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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A while now, smartphones have become truly complicit tools of everyday life. So much so, we use them often during the day to check email, find the address of a restaurant, check a fact on Wikipedia, call, send messages or check the weather forecast. This makes the battery runs out before, depending on the functions that remain active. There are, however, some tricks to keep the energy of the device for a little longer. For example, if you've finished your day but want to have the phone ready in case you need to make an emergency call - back home, for example - you can disable some services you no longer need and consume too much battery. If you're in a similar situation, you can follow these tips:

Disables some lighting effect

Eliminates the effects of vibration when running applications or dial phone numbers. You can also disable the vibration of the bell and the sound of the keyboard. In this case, you can do it permanently if it is a feature that will be essential. The backlight is also important, since it is one of the largest consumer. Regulates the various parameters (lighting, time off and brightness) to save a good peak battery. You'll notice certain. If not sure how, we remind you that you have this option in the Settings section. In need to click on screen or sound, depending on the feature you want to disable or regulate.

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Disables the connections that you do not need

Connectivity is one of the main reasons why our smartphones consume his energy faster. In this case, you can disable the wireless, since otherwise, the smartphone does not stop searching for available wireless networks to connect, even if you have no intention of doing so. If you do not have good 3G coverage and need not surf the Internet, you can disable or enable data connection only GSM for navigation, even in a slower way. You can set this option through the Settings section and Wireless. In paragraph Networks and Network Mode section you can configure the connection mode, leaving the GSM as saving measure.

Close all applications that do not use

Automatic synchronization of email or social networking updates consume a lot of energy. If you have no intention of using these tools, it will be more convenient than the quench. Disables automatic synchronization through the Settings section itself and closes all programs and widgets with which you are not working specifically. These applications consume in a constant power from the device, so if you do not check the weather forecast or news, you also have the option to save battery life on this side.
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Enables automatic power saving

An interesting option is the energy savings, default on some devices and accessible on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The user can activate the auto save or set a personal choice in selecting which applications or services you want to disable.

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