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Apple sues Amazon for using the name "App Store"

Apple sues Amazon for using the name "App Store"

The Internet retailer said that it is a generic term and not owned by technological

Apple involved in a new new demand. This time with the term Amazon App Store. (Amazon / Apple / Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters). The e-commerce giant Amazon asked the federal courts of California to dismiss a lawsuit by Apple on the iPhone that the company were accused of appropriating the term "App Store" app store for the tablet Kindle .
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Said today All Things Digital , Amazon believes that "App Store" has become a generic concept and Apple litigation is unfounded.

"The use of the term" app store "to refer to the stores that sell applications is commonplace in the industry," said Amazon in the documentation filed Wednesday in a court in Oakland.

Amazon also said that both Steve Jobs , co-founder and former CEO of Apple, as his successor Tim Cook have used many times the name "app store" to refer to the application business models of competitors.

The court will decide on the appropriateness of Amazon's motion on October 31 while the trial is set for August 2013.

Apple turned to the federal courts of California on March 18, 2011 before the announced release of the Amazon library of applications under the nomenclature "Appstore".

Apple asked the U.S. authorities in 2008 the registration of the term "App Store" as your own little brand before launching his collection of applications for the iPhone , a request which was appealed by Microsoft in January 2011 on the grounds that the term is too generic to be considered exclusive use.

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