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Apple does not allow manufacture of Lightning connectors to other companies

Apple does not allow manufacture of  Lightning connectors to other companies

Apple already had a few years urging manufacturers of accessories to use Bluetooth or AirPlay technology for the transmission or reproduction of content, particularly in anti-cross cables. The company's latest moves put it much more seriously, as it is not allowing the manufacture of connectors Lightning by third parties.

A new feature of the iPhone 5 was changing its connector, for the first time since leaving the first model was leaving the 30-pin to make way for the new Lightning , which is faster and smaller, as well as being reversible. His arguments against mostly spend their no backwards compatibility with accessories such as speakers and alkali solutions (except checkout and be done with an adapter). From today, these arguments have a more solid basis, is that Apple has not given permission to any manufacturer to produce accessories compatible with this new connector.
Amazon already signals could envision this happening. Shortly after the presentation of the iPhone 5 was put on sale adapter iTronz Lightning , whose estimated shipments were delayed between 20 and 25 days initially ... and then be canceled. The rationale for the seller is "the emergence of a critical operating problem." And these connectors are much more complicated than the previous copy.

As told in iLounge , Apple would have tightened their policies MFi (* Made by iPad / iPhone / iPod **) just to have more control over the manufacture of accessories compatible with devices that use the Lightning connector. They also point to be held next November a seminar in China between Apple executives to decide where the company is heading in this direction. Then you get all tied up, one might expect the Christmas season accessories.

An Apple movement in two directions. On the positive side, pushing manufacturers to use wireless technologies, much more to the liking of the brand of the classic apple docks. On the negative lead their users to buy original accessories and Apple itself, usually more expensive than others.

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