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Five Tetris inspired products we love

Five Tetris inspired products we love

Tetris is one of the most universal games that exist. There are very few people in this world who have not missed a game or have never played but not able to recognize. Anyway, it's a classic that never expect out of our lives and so we bring you Five Tetris inspired products that can put a touch to our life joyful.

Tetriplug Tetriplug Artículos basados en Tetris

When you accumulate consoles at home, it is necessary to have a power strip to connect them all to light. Because I do not know about you, but to me that connection and disconnection of wires I am very lazy, especially since they have a tendency to tangle that is not normal. Well most of us have a regular strip but why not get a touch of video games there, too?

I present the Tetriplug . It is made of concrete and is 3 meters cable. There are three models to choose from imitating game pieces (the Z, S and L) and has only one flaw: its price. Decorate your home with one of these will cost you $ 250. Ouch!

Tetris Ice Tray

Hielos Tetris

Fortunately not all items that we have found will leave us broke. This Tetris ice tray is much cheaper and much or more fun. In fact, you can take it home for only $ 11.

Do not tell me that it would be an excellent companion to the video game inspired cocktails we teach them the other day. And if you are someone who does not give the alcohol, you can always take a good soda or iced tea in one of these vessels with designs video games .

Tetris Lamp

Lámpara de Tetris

If what you need is something that will put a little light into your life you can opt for this lamp Tetris . It has seven parts and is very interesting because you can put in different positions so that you'll have a different light depending on your mood.

Each piece is individually lit when another join on, and off when you separate so you can even replace parts depending on how much light you want to have. It costs $ 50 but is worth it in my opinion.

Tetris Cushions

Cojines Tetris

If you need a touch of joy to your living room, nothing like these cushions Tetris . They have some bright colors that go well with neutral colors like black or white. The set contains seven pieces of different colors and are handmade.

Of course one thing how are you not going to cheap out, run through metal tears my cheeks at the thought that to have something like that in my house would have to part with $ 280. Gives me I'll stick with the boring square of a lifetime.

Post its Tetris

Post its de Tetris

Do not know about you, but the post its part of my daily life. They are very helpful in reminding me details. Definitely remember the duties would be a thousand times more fun if it had these post its Tetris .

How are different sizes, you can group them to identify more easily the tasks related to certain projects for example. Best of all is that they are very expensive, you can take them for about eight euros home. Just do not be surprised if all your office mates look at you with envy.

Which of these objects would take home if they could afford it?

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