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Meet the 12 rules of success that followed Steve Jobs

Meet the 12 rules of success that followed Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most interesting entrepreneurs of recent years is that not only revolutionized the world of technology, but it created a whole new way of looking at business, creating new ways to sell and distribute their products.

Steve had a great belief in what he believed and what he did, indeed rarely give back and always knew the target of what people wanted.

All these ideas are what made ​​Apple resurface, who saved him from bankruptcy several times, the sums meanwhile all this work in 12 rules, 12 rules that led to success.
The 12 rules of success of Steve Jobs:

12. - Always Be yourself and do what you love to do. This is something we always say, but very few can do it, it's hard to be yourself when everyone is watching what you do and say. It is also difficult to do what one likes, as there are many situations that happen in our lives that keep us from doing what we really like, but with the determination one can achieve.

11. - Is different. Thinking differently is another who always followed the rules Steve Jobs, imagine if Steve was gone for the easiest way out and instead of an iPhone had taken a phone that was more in line with those existing, maybe everything would have been simpler and cheaper to produce, but he wanted to do something different but also good for your product it was not aimed for everyone, but something others did not and did it well: surfing the internet . That was another point that Steve Jobs stood, it was always different.

10. - Do your best. Pretend get off the board and ask investors money to create an expensive phone, but compatibility with other phones, without the latest technology. At that time insurance was a marathon job, but knew how to do, and dedicating efforts to the maximum all the time to your product. ¨ Do not sleep, success breeds more success ¨.
9. - Make an analysis of the pros and cons. When you create something, always about the pros and cons of the product. It is very important to know the weaknesses of the product and fix them ASAP.

8. - Is an entrepreneur. Yeah you have a very good idea but you're sitting out waiting for the idea itself, will not achieve anything, remember that success does not touch the door, you have to look for it and for that you should strive to the fullest.

7. - Think ahead. I'm sure that when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone 2G was already planning to produce the iPhone 3G next year. One of the things I love about Apple is that they have everything well calculated, often does not benefit the consumer, but it is something we have learned to cope.

6. - Aspires to be the leader. To be a leader you have to be an innovator. It is a difficult road, but it's the only way you're going to stand in front of others. Learn how to select the best and use it to your advantage, be the first and make your idea into an industry standard.
5. - Displays results. Consumers will not take into account your research, but your results. Always focus on the outcome and not that you are accomplishing. Try to offer the best, using the highest quality and design excellence. Do not work only in how it looks, but how it works.

4. - Calls opinions. Your customers are the most important, listening to all their complaints, these are the ones that help your product excellence. Do not focus on everyone, but those who will use your products, because they are really your customers.

3. - Always innovates and creates, prevents copying. Copy something successful is simple and gives faster results, but create your own success is not complicated and you'll see results in the short term, but is more durable. Concentrate on the important things, people are looking for a product perfection and Give him the means to do so.
2. - Learn from failure. Fact is that when you do something innovative, you will fail in the first attempts, that's not what we expect, but learns to take advantage of the failures, learning and not do them again.

1. - Always keep learning. Having achieved success does not stop there, you keep learning as there are competitors that if we slept in our success, we will begin to achieve and surpass us a moment. So always stay in constant learning.

These are the steps that followed Steve Jobs at Apple for success and excellence, are the rules that I leave in the company and continue to literally get the best forever.

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