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Problems persist in Wifi for iOS 6 users

Problems persist in Wifi for iOS 6 users

Apple puts a circus dwarfs and grow. Always the same. With each release, the Californian firm has to deal, in one way or another, to a long list of problems that seem to be endless. This time, we have to refer to the update to iOS 6. And, as explained by some users own Apple discussion boards, after performing the upgrade to the new version of the iOS operating system 6, the wireless connectivity is completely bypassed, so that many users are having real problems getting connected to the Internet through your iPhone or iPad . In fact, buyers of brand new iPhone 5 have also launched the cry to heaven: they can not access network Wifi . What is brewing within the Apple factory?

iphone 5 09

As is usual in the case of Apple, the company has not manifested (at all) on this ruling, as neither has to determine why some have come to iPhone 5 users with defects in the housing. In this sense, it seems that Tim Cook talk just wanted to apologize to users of iOS 6 for its failed mapping application. No further news. To date, the owners of iPhone and iPad have been filled since last Sept. 19, more than a hundred pages in the Apple discussion forums to tell that can not connect to wireless networks. According to them, the option is marked in gray on the phone, so you can not access any form to function. The problem persists beyond the tips that experts and non-experts have been through these same forums.

The truth is that they have tried the most common solutions: reboot and re-install the operating system. Some of these customers even has decided to replace the unit at hand, but the results were the same. Problems persist with wireless connectivity and nobody finds a solution to this. Not even Apple itself, whose main goal should be to overcome the impact of these diligent buyers.

By now, some users of iPhone 5 have already indicated that the bug has been fixed for this particular device, but the truth is that incidents persist for owners of the new iPad or even the iPhone 4S. The truth is that for now is still difficult to identify which users are affected, since some are no problem when connecting to wireless networks. This suggests that the factors to consider are other, beyond the upgrade to iOS 6. If you are someone who has trouble gaining access to this feature, we ask you to tell us your experience in the comments section.

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Apple, meanwhile, continues to make its particular vow of silence. As we said at the beginning, the company has offered not a single answer to the problems in recent weeks have denounced the company's customers. In fact, the incidence of nicks and scratches found in the new iPhone 5, Phil Schiller (Apple's marketing manager) said that it was a completely normal defect in aluminum products. What does not seem ethical that a device is over 600 euros comes with defects by their buyers.

For now, only Apple has taken seriously the issue of maps. An executive linked to the firm announced in The New York Times that California is working hard to resolve system problems Apple Maps.

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