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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Top ten more cheaters jobs

Top ten more cheaters jobs

Musicians, amphi triones, lawyers and hostesses among the most prone to adultery.

According to several experts, there are jobs that are facilitators of adultery and infidelity, since many people, for their trades shares much more time with other people with their own partners. Therefore, a study conducted in Spain, Mexico and Argentina to determine what are the "infidels professions".

1. Musicians: The tours, fans and fame make this profession is white temptation.

2. Hostesses and Models: The beauty of these women makes them the target of men.

3. Lawyers: Their constant meetings and client meetings, gives them the freedom to meet new people.

4. Pilots and flight attendants: They usually have a "turbulent sex life."

5. Coaches gyms: His physical presence does that relate to their customers.

6. Realtors: They have "much verb" know how to sell and meet people.

7. Barman: They are usually attractive people, which look more if they are on the other side of the counter.

8. Secretaries: The know perfectly their heads, makes them casual lovers.

9. Athletes: A strong and healthy person is usually attractive.

10. Teachers: Direct contact made ​​arising casual encounters. 

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