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iPad mini: depth analysis, complete review

iPad mini: depth analysis

I have spent several days trying to understand what is the iPad mini that I love so much, it makes me use it even more than his brother. What do I have to eat the words he said with enthusiasm quite a few months ago "do not need a smaller iPad" or "iPad mini would be a mistake." But here I am, writing this review, looking at the tablet and thinking "Where have you been all my life?"

Unlike what many think, the first impression when you hold the iPad mini in hand is not its size, is its weight. It is extremely lightweight, only 308 grams. Apple has applied the same reasoning iPhone design: colors black / graphite or white / silver, use of materials such as metal, beveled edges, cuts and elements thereof, including the side buttons are the same color as the rest of the apparatus. If the iPhone 5 is built like a Swiss watch luxury iPad mini is the equivalent of a European sports car, small but attractive too.
iPad mini
No other tablet in the same category as you approach the beauty, quality of construction and size benefits. Having a screen with 4:3 aspect can show up to 42% more than similar devices without increasing the size of the entire device.

The second impression (if you already have a device with retina display) is that it does not. Where once we looked a little "exquisite" what not to see the individual pixels, the screen again "no retina" can be strange, can be a disappointment, if you're picky about the details.

Impress that two inches can make such a difference in size and weight. Followed by a surprise long as they pass the days in which you really realize that you can not use it, that in this type of devices, contrary to what many thought before, the weight makes a huge difference.
iPad mini

My dilemma these days is: I like both the iPad mini in size or so I like that is extremely light? If Apple sold a 10 inch iPad 300 grams, would you prefer that? I honestly do not know. What I have clear is that if you forget about the technical characteristics, you are holding something close to perfection of what a mobile device should be.


iPad mini, pantalla

The approach to the invisible gadget which I speak enough in my reviews of Apple devices is even more evident in the industrial design of the iPad mini. The edges around the screen are even smaller, giving this even more important.

It is important to understand this because in the post-PC world, most relevant to device capabilities, is what allows you to do. And everything the iPad lets you do is focused on the experience you have with the screen.

In that sense, the quality is similar to the screen of the original iPad or the iPad 2 , but with two significant differences:

    IPS technology that dramatically improves the viewing angles, colors much more vivid offers faster response times
    Same amount of pixels, but in a smaller space, so everyone is more together and it makes things look "better." There is a difference in 8-inch 1024x768 1024x768 at 10. The iPad mini offers 163 pixels per inch, while the iPad 2 has 132.

The screen experience is exactly the same as with other iPad. Nothing changes. The look is the same, everything is a bit smaller, no other noticeable change. Those who were concerned in a degradation of the user experience on a screen smaller than 10 inches may be quiet, is nonexistent.

This happens mainly because Apple decided that the screen has the same aspect ratio (4:3) than in the "big" version, so no need to re-design applications for this size, not to do modifications of any kind. They behave like plain and simple.

But you can see the pixels, which is one of my only two criticisms of the device. Apple has accustomed us to the retina display. iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, MacBook Pro 13 "and MacBook Pro 15" screens that are impossible to distinguish individual pixels. Not the case of iPad mini, which, although it has 8 inches and more pixels per inch, I continue to see.

I think part of the "Apple Experience" (if it exists) is that each graphic display interfaces in their best. That level of quality was imposed with the retina display. Me happy and I had been removed. As the days get used to not using a retina display, it is true and it is a situation of "one for another" much less weight in exchange for a screen not so good. If you really need retina, choose the heavier iPad. At least that is the situation in 2012.

If the retina display is so important, then why offer an iPad mini without this feature? The answer is curious: Have you noticed that even though we are in the fourth generation of 10-inch iPad, Apple is selling the iPad 2 does not have retina display? It is because it is still very sold, which means that not everyone will need a screen resolution so. At least not now, and is an advantage that many are willing to "sacrifice" in exchange for lower prices.


iPad mini

The iPad mini features the same processor as the iPad 2, a dual-core A5. Does that mean it has a comparable performance? Not necessarily.

According to Geekbench, the iPad mini has a rating of 751, which is not only faster than the iPad 2 (721), but is on par with the speed of the third generation iPad (758). Definitely can not compare with the number thrown by the fourth generation iPad (an impressive 1,763), but on a day to day is more than enough for the vast majority of the things we do. Even games. With more capacity coming applications that make better, but I feel that during these months is more than enough.

I would still like to see more, and this is my second review. I know there is a price undertaking, but the sales volume generated by the iPad mini should not be a problem. A similar A6 processor included in the iPhone 5 as a little closer to perfection.


The iPad mini I'm using for this review is the Wi-Fi version. The variant with 3G/LTE not be available until the end of November, so I can not give details of the actual speeds that can reach connected to a mobile operator. We know that this area generates enough interest, especially after seeing that even in places like Spain do not yet have access to LTE, we reach speeds of 20 megabytes per second with HSDPA + on the iPhone 5.

We hope in a few weeks to access a test unit with 3G and make a specific analysis in this regard.

As for Wi-Fi, as previous iPads, not only can connect to 802.11g, 802.11n networks also in the 5GHz spectrum, reaching speeds of 54 megabits per second or more, which is pretty good when it comes to stream high quality video.


The battery is probably one of the things that most surprised me the iPad mini and exceed the numbers promised by Apple. They say about ten hours with normal use (browsing, connected to Wi-Fi, video playback, music), but on a day to day can be more. No wonder the usage time exceeds eleven hours.

Pretty impressive.


iPad mini

I believe history will repeat itself. When Apple launched the iPod mini (and some time later the iPod nano), many felt that it was pointless to launch a player a little cheaper, but much cheaper, with lower specifications in exchange for a smaller size. The iPod mini iPod became the best selling. Most likely the same will happen with the iPad mini.

The iPad mini by weight, portability and price is very close to perfection as mobile devices are concerned. To do this you need two things: retina display and a processor on par with other Apple devices (ultimately an A6 as the iPhone 5). If I did, my score would be 10 out of 10 final.

A $ 329  is very difficult not to take one. It complicates the urge to discuss the purchase. Benefits such as low are indisputable. Surprise price read reviews, but surprisingly, even some pretend that Apple is setting the rules of industry prices, which never happened.

The iPad mini is a great example of when the result is greater than the sum of its parts. In many ways (especially technical) is less than its big brother, including the competition, but the reality is that it becomes even better. It has become an irreplaceable part in my day to day and has a permanent place in my bag.

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