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Photos: Barbara Palvin uncensored the new lady of Justin Bieber

Photos: Barbara Palvin uncensored conquering Justin Bieber

Although now denies Justin, if the river brought smoke there's fire. Since it desoncifba Selena know I made a picture of her with Justin, now that the model will be looking more figuration or Justin Selena got bored, or worst of all a well-orchestrated marketing campaign.

Although Barbara Palvin has denied and says they're just friends, even said she has a boyfriend, but it seems the damage is done.

According to media reports Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were ready to meet Tuesday 13.11.2012 but things did not go well after Bieby admitted he was seduced by the beauty of the Victoria Secret models.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ they met to discuss the conflict that led to break - the sources do not specify details, but said it was Selena who ended the relationship. We are told that nothing was resolved and could not be reconciled.

According to the gossip, Justin is privately conflicted about getting back with Selena - of which is still in love, but he also likes the idea of ​​playing a little, and he is saying that the supermodels with which he has been spending time are tempting.

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