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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

The iPhone 4S seen in parts and with details

The iPhone 4S seen in parts and with details.
The company Apple has never wanted to reveal the hidden details of their devices. As you know, Cupertino is one of the premier tight in this sense, whose purpose is to wear a facade of chic. But we all have an inner world far more complex than it looks on the outside.  

And this is what the boys have been found to gut iFixit site each and every one of the pieces that make up the new iPhone 4S . Yes, Apple's new child has been through the operating table, so that the curious will have the opportunity to check that all is not gold that glitters. This means that internal components of the iPhone 4S hide a high complexity in order to provide the best service possible. This is the task.
The truth is that besides a few details already guessed, iFixit images reveal some interesting issues strictly related to the innovations of this year. As reported in some ways, yes, the phone's battery with dimensions over which it had been included in the iPhone 4 . 

It is possible that in the next few hours are unearthed interesting details. One of the most anticipated is the ability of RAM will hold the iPhone finally 4S. With the cutting done by iFixit, curious users will have the opportunity to examine in detail each and every one of the corners of the device. In case you're one of them, here are all the images published to date iFixit.
As you know, well, today is the day chosen for the iPhone 4S marketing in some countries, including the principal, the United States. After having already been booked more than one million units of iPhone 4S, expectations could not be better for the guys from Apple. And that there were many who were disappointed to see nothing more than the iPhone 5 was not one of the immediate projects of the company. This means, of course, that the new Apple mobile phone had very few new features, with a revamped version of the old iPhone 4. This is reality, although many already have been seduced by this new terminal.
Via: iFixit

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