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Samsung S2 Galaxy, increased by 30% the size of your icons

Samsung S2 Galaxy, increased by 30% the size of your icons.

They interesting news about future updates of the Samsung Galaxy S2 , the current flagship of the Korean company Samsung . As you know, the phone runs through the operating system Android in its latest version 2.3 or Gingerbread , spiced with own TouchWiz interface. The fact is that the company plans to offer a new update soon, as unveiled the specializing in Korean SammyHub. One of the most interesting has to do with icons.
Indeed, as explained by the firm, these little signs that usually appear on the screen and at different stages, they will grow up to 30%, significantly increasing the size they are by default. Pearl will change to users who do not want to blame their problems in view, but also (and in general) who want to see improved interaction with the operating sys tem and its various functions. And that, you understand, always welcome.
The truth is that the first images that have surfaced are pretty clear, because quite rightly displayed a change of a smaller icons to a list of buttons much larger and more accurate. Keep in mind that with the expansion of these cubes, the list of icons can not be four by four, but only three. Things change enough for users who are accustomed to a smaller virtual keypad, but definitely better for those who have difficulty properly display icons that so far were part of the TouchWiz layer on Android. In fact, some opinions have confirmed that Samsung developed this new system to make things easier for users with vision problems.

We are not aware of when you plan to apply the changes Samsung. In fact, most likely still have to wait several weeks for this option to get through an update for the Samsung S2 Galaxy will arrive via OTA (Over The Air) , ie without the need we have to connect the phone to your computer to download the data packet. The option is added as a plug-in configuration functions, so you can always return to the previous option (with the small icons) and vice versa. In this way, if you do not have vision problems, you can return to the traditional system for lynx. For everything else, a good pair and the new active configuration. It will be a break.
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