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How to increase Twitter followers being honest

How to increase Twitter followers being honest.

The magic formulas for success are as old as can be the same concept. While no road is the same, we strive to draw routes and maps to find buried treasure on an island in the South Pacific. We want a list of actions, tricks, and shortcuts wand movements, which gave us happiness, money, love and sex, without working too hard and without learning to use the tools that gives us life.  

We want immediate and ephemeral success. We have 42,000 followers on Twitter no matter how. For many it is the number, not experience, is to increase followers, readers, is the deception of the map does not rotate. Is what we read again and again, the magic formula, unethical, which promises an earthly paradise by pressing the ENTER key 7 times.
That's not the way. It is not possible to succeed in social media if our approach to them, lack of ethics and transparency. There are easy techniques to increase the number of followers on Twitter, that does not translate at all to increase your network of readers, friends and people with which you create a community, rather does the opposite. Use quick tricks, how many people follow, hoping that a percentage of them do you Follow Back (follow you back) automatically, it's completely absurd.  

The people who follow it all, no one reads. If your followers do not read, and you do not read one, you falsehood with followers, and not a truth followers. Escape of these strategies to increase numbers silly selling the soul (or your ability to read). A follower achieved in this way is an illusion, you're building a desert without water (no communication), to deceive them all, and you.
All this is because I read a couple of guides on how to increase your followers on Twitter full of traps, unethical, insane tricks, no honesty and murky concepts. And although one of the fundamental rules of Twitter, and most social networking is that you can do whatever the hell you want, chances are you end up building a public image that will be questioned and that reflects your ideas and thoughts . 

If you are not very ethical and honest in your personal life, nothing happens, you can be on Twitter too, and live with the consequences of your actions. But instead, if you consider yourself a good person, an honest person, it is common sense and build your strategy for growth in social networks based on key concepts of transparency. Be honest with yourself.
Some tips and suggestions to create a growth strategy in Twitter and other social networks:
  • Think long term. Any approach to social networks, whether personal or business, you must have a vision in time. When you enter Twitter usually done forever. By having a time window as wide, take it easy. At first the growth of followers or fans will be slow, but being constant will increase with time.
  • Complete your profile. A basic review that not all the importance that should be. Your biography in social networks can be a determining factor when deciding to follow or not.
  • Looking for organic growth of followers. As we indicated above, the techniques that add up fast followers, do not guarantee readers or people willing to form a community. Few followers a day, every day is better than 1000 followers parachute one day and one to the next and the next one ...
  • Follow people you want to actually read and give you a clear contribution. Look who the opinion leaders in your favorite social network. Learn from them, engage in conversation that generate, ask questions answer them when free.
  • Generates and develops content and tweets that add value to the community. The people who will read you and interact with you only do it for this reason. People who generate and share interesting content are followed.
  • Informa news occurring in your immediate environment. To a greater or lesser extent all Twitter users become a media, use the tool to inform.
  • Send tweets with some frequency. Do not send 20 tweets in a minute. "Standards" that common sense will give you.
  • Concentrate on things you know. All people are expert at something, share that knowledge.
  • Responds to the people you mention on Twitter. To the extent that time permits you, respond to people who ask you something. Help them if you can.
  • Promocionándote not overdo yourself. Try the self-tweets or messages do not exceed 20% of the total that you send to social networks.
  • Answer the critical honesty.
  • Public address your Twitter account on your website, your business cards, emails, etc.. The traditional marketing and advertising work well to promote your social networking accounts. Use these tools.
  • Do not be a robot. It has personal stuff from time to time. Try to say something funny that happened to you, gives a more personal advice. People like to follow people, not robots.
  • Join the conversation. Use the Twitter search engine to find chat
    interesting of which give your input. Use hashtags to tag your tweets and link to a topic.
  • It is transparent and honest. It is very easy to discover the lies in social networks. People prefer to accounts and individuals representing positive values ​​and sincere.
If you start using all these tips will increase your number of followers, and best of all, have a better relationship with them. We assure you that you read and exchange information and experiences with you. You will be creating a community, a support network and friends.  
The growth that you may have using the transparency and honesty counts, and no marketing genius and personal branding will challenge the community and network that you're building, and the power that it has on the one they have. Let's forget about magic formulas, to follow me follow you, to buy followers, and let's focus on getting readers, people with whom we can establish a real connection, not based on lies and numbers. This is difficult to achieve but worth it. The treasure is buried forever in a beautiful tropical island, but we have to go get the song of the sirens.

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