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All you need to know about the problems with the iPhone's 4S battery

All you need to know about the problems with the iPhone's 4S batter.

The release of the iPhone 4S has been somewhat overshadowed. This time the problems of lack of signal reception were not so fierce as painted some, or poor performance due to software upgrades seen in previous versions of the smartphone but the low battery life that a number of impossible to determine users are suffering.

The sequence of events started a few days ago when several publications echoed the hundreds of messages posted by users of the terminal in the Apple forums complaining that the battery will vanish faster than the Cupertino company promises in its website . Why?

According to analysis by iFixit and other independent sources, 4S iPhone battery provides more power than the 4, but the new version mounts A5 processor that consumes more, under normal conditions should last approximately indicated by Apple. That is, it seems that the hardware works as it should so following the logic of the cause of problems is related to the software. There are several possible culprits identified, for example:
  •     Sync contacts with icloud constant although the cloud base is current. Some report that deleting local contacts itching in the Delete option appears when you turn off iPhone syncing (done in Settings> icloud> Services) and then re-enable synchronization, which is retrieved from the contacts database cloud, it solves the problem.
  •     iOS 5 checks from time to time the location to update the clock automatically if the user has changed time zones. Apparently this test in certain cases is consistently recommended that off (Settings> Location> System Services> Time Zone).
  •     Also the application pack Reminders could be another of those responsible for the short duration of the battery to check the user's location followed. You can not disable.
  •     Finally, others have pointed the finger at diagnosis and use option found under Settings> General> About> Diagnosis and use, and Apple used to send information on the operation of the device.

In short, nobody is sure that it is exactly as many have said everything off and continue with the problem. Neither Apple, who at first remained silent until they finally released iOS update 5 (available through iTunes), which in his words "Solve problems related to battery life." But no, or at least not entirely . After installing some users still say the problem persists, so the company has responded that they are aware and are investigating.

And so it goes. If you've played the bad luck to be one of the 4S iPhone users with the problem and after updating to the latest version of IOS 5 continues, it will only be hoped that Apple releases new update to solve it, I am convinced that more sooner or later succeed in finding the final solution. While some mitigation measures in addition to those described above:
  •     Turn off push services. It is very common to have several applications installed that use push email being the most consumed. To turn it off in the latter case, only need to get to Settings> Mail, contacts, calen.> Get Data uncheck Push.
  •     Disable notifications. In Settings> Notifications are all installed applications and notifications settings. When you click on each application new menu appears from which you can disable.
  •     Enable 3G only when needed to Settings> General> Network and WiFi Settings.
  •     If you have to navigate a choice between doing using 3G or WiFi, the latter option is recommended as it uses less than 3G.
  •     Lower brightness in Settings> Brightness. It is also advisable to have enabled Automatic Brightness.
  •     In Settings> General> Auto-Lock, marking the first option to automatically lock the screen after one minute when unused.
  •     Unless you see one or two a month, never let the battery completely, by its nature this is not good. Moreover, although the battery is charged 100%, keep the terminal connected to the charger is a good idea since the iPhone does not consume battery but that draws electricity that comes from the charger. 

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