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Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

A case turns the iPhone 4S in Dual-Sim Amazing

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting accessories that have occurred in recent times. At first glance it is a protective case for iPhone 4S , but the truth is hidden in the background a couple of productive functions of the sea for those users who always want more. We refer to the case which has been published through the medium MacRumors, specializing in issues related to the company Apple , which expands and nourishes the known functions of the iPhone 4 and 4S iPhone . We say this because in addition to functioning as a protective shell, it also charges Additionally the device's battery, and what is more important: it allows us to turn the iPhone into a phone with two SIM cards. How about the invention?

iphone 4s funda sim 01

With the housing MacRumors has issued, the user has the opportunity to use the phone with two SIM cards, so you can operate two different numbers, even of different operators. This would unlock the phone. What is the main catch? Well, that to run this case, your iPhone must be unlocked. That is, it must have happened by the famous jailbreak process that allows Apple users to break free from the constraints of the company. In any case, you must download an application from Cydia and the phone can recognize this application as official. Thereafter, you can start using the terminal with dual SIM, although in this case, the second card only allows you to make calls.
iphone 4s funda sim 03

Another interesting advantage is about extending battery. And is that the housing further includes a bracket that makes the device thicker, but allows us to extend battery life. You can buy this device through the manufacturer's website, which is Voom, but so far has not opened the possibility of making this purchase. We face the PG920 model to be sold in black, gray and white colors consistent with the current iPhone. As I said at the beginning, the case is perfectly compatible with iPhone iPhone 4S and 4, the device that keeps a lot of similarities, especially as far as external design is concerned.
iphone 4s funda sim 02

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