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iPhone 5, all that could have been but was not

iPhone 5, all that could have been but was not

The launch of the iPhone 4S last October did not please all fans of Apple . In fact, everybody expected that on the stage appeared to be the iPhone 5 , a novel and powerful product, willing to overcome great Cyclops as the Samsung S2 Galaxy is currently leading the scene. 

The fact is that Tim Cook, Apple's current CEO, filed a reissue of the old iPhone 4 , equipped with some improvements, all focused on the inside of the phone. On the one hand we have the A5 processor dual-core, much faster than its predecessor, and the other to Siri , the famous voice assistant that works and is still causing headaches for many users and Apple's own team . 

Do not forget that this is a beta version, though. The fact is that there were many who thought: this is not what they had promised all the rumors!

iphone 5 022The saying goes that when the smoke there's fire. And in fact, weeks after the iPhone had come out on stage 4S, new data confirmed that Steve Jobs had dismissed the iPhone 5 shortly before its release, allegedly because it is a different phone compared to others. It seems that Jobs complained about the size of the screen as if it were a fad, the iPhone 5 had to stay in the room, even more to see. 
As you know, weeks before the launch of the world means following all the news and rumors related to the device. Now we know that everything was real - in part - and that many of these thoughts come straight proposals from companies for the purpose of generating a growing interest in their upcoming products. Apple is not foreign to this effect. He knows very well what their powers in the field of marketing.

What will happen now with the new iPhone 5? Well, in principle it is expected that the fifth generation iPhone comes to market next summer, going a little about the launch of this year. It is not yet possible to determine an exact date, but rumors point to the good weather.

But what really got lost in October? What technical features could be enjoying if Steve Jobs had ordered last-minute changes? Well, now go over some ways the most important features of the iPhone 5 that currently Apple fans can not enjoy. First is the issue of the screen. As you know, Steve Jobs does not want to give the image of fragmented devices, so the fact that the iPhone 5 reached four inches was not convinced. So back. In turn, it seems that some problems were also detected battery that caused the final kick of the launch, in principle very promising.

iphone5 01

The iPhone 5 I had to leave the arena was a device also flatter than the current, which changed more than the appearance of the previous iPhone. It was a radical change in the making. Another interesting feature was its aluminum back cover, also incorporated in the iPad 2 , in addition to the camera with a sensor that even reached the 10 megapixels. Nor had the classic physical home button on the inside, was built like a personal assistant Siri. The thing is that had not been given the same name, but simply as 'Wizard'.

And what about the fifth version of the iPhone 5? Will you have the same features as the iPhone 5 that had originally been prepared for 2011? Well, as usual with Apple, and the vast majority of companies involved in mobile telephony, any data related to a release that will occur in 2012 still remains a secret. It is possible that some of these features are part of the phone sheet, but do not forget that the iPhone 5 is still on the board of managers and technical teams from Apple, waiting to examine the course of competition and equip the most of new handsets with latest technologies of the moment.

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