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Which one is better iPad 2 or Kindle Fire

Which one is better iPad 2 or Kindle Fire

On the one hand we find Amazon that has also joined the fashion of touch tablets. This was because different models in its catalog of electronic books baptized with the name of Amazon Kindle. But now, with the excuse to offer its entire catalog online (movies, TV, magazines, etc ...) and not only books to customers, have created the tablet called: Amazon Kindle Fire .

On the other hand, we have the iPad 2 , the second version of the famous tablet Apple . A device where you can also download all types of content, but this time from the App Store: the famous online store in Cupertino.
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The new Kindle Fire has been named on several occasions as the cream of the iPhone competitor. And Amazon was working hard to take a large portion of sales this upcoming holiday season. But look, point by point, what you can find the user in both cases and what uses will be in both cases.

kindle fire vs ipad2 02

Design and Display

While the iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen, the Kindle Fire has stalled seven inches, the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Tab original when it was released. Of course, both are multi-touch and have an IPS panel.

Both models are quite thin, although the iPad 2 is getting slightly thinner thickness 8.8 mm to 11.4 mm against the Amazon team.

For the rest, it is natural that, having the iPad 2 a larger screen, the dimensions themselves are also higher. So Kindle Fire will be much easier to handle and carry in bags or backpacks.


The Kindle Fire is a tablet that can connect to any website. But yes, provided through a wireless WiFi connection. Meanwhile, the iPad 2-although everything depends on the version you buy, you can now use both WiFi and 3G use. In the latter case, you will have to pay a greater amount of money.

On the other hand, the tablet can browse Amazon's website without any problem. Meanwhile, the iPad 2 can only browse pages do not have any Flash element.

On the other hand, the wire connections that can be seen in both cases are a standard audio output to connect 3.5 mm headphones or speakers. Meanwhile, to synchronize the two tablets, only have to connect the computer's USB port, but the cable that Apple uses for their equipment is not standard, so you do not have any cable at home to work. The same goes for the battery charger. And is that the entrance is proprietary at the bottom of the chassis, it also serves to connect the iPad 2 to the current. This problem will not be with the team of Amazon.

Finally, in either case there is a video output or HDMI output to connect to a TV and enjoy the images on a larger screen. It is also true that the iPhone can use the function called AirPlay, although this will always need a connection to the Internet and another team called Apple TV streaming will pick up the signal issued by the iPad 2. Therefore, it is an expensive solution and third teams gets in the game.

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Operating System and User Interface

Apple is now in version 5-more specifically IOS IOS 5.0.1 a few days ago -. This is the mobile platform that Apple uses on their mobile devices like the iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch. Meanwhile, Amazon has decided to install Android on your first foray into the field of touch tablets. And the Android 2.3 version chosen is Gingerbread.

But beware, Amazon has completely custom user interface of Android to make it easy to use and with only a few shortcuts to the functions of the Kindle Fire - Seven are the icons that can be found-and that lead to different topics: Kiosk, Books, Music, Videos, Documents, Applications, and Web. Or put another way, Kindle Fire gives a fast and uncomplicated access to sections of the catalog of the largest online store Internet.


If you are one of the users who love to take pictures wherever you are, what you will iPad 2 thanks to the camera. While in the Kindle Fire this is not possible since it has no camera, both front and rear.
kindle fire vs ipad2 04

Power and memory

The two tablets has a powerful dual-core processor with a working frequency of GHz. But when it comes to store any file, application, video, photography, must resort to internal memory, as both teams lack an expansion slot for memory cards. In the case of iPad 2 ranging from 16 gigabytes in the cheapest version to 64 GB of the most complete version.

Meanwhile, Amazon's team should be content with eight GB of space, although only six GB will be useful to the user. Of course, in both cases may be referred to Internet-based memory. The iPad 2 will use the service named in icloud five GB free. For his part, Kindle Fire Service will use the Amazon Cloud Drive with five GB of free space also. If this space is short, you can always resort to the payment of an extension of virtual memory.

Although eye, in both services can store all types of content, but to access it always must be connected to the Internet either with WiFi or 3G networks. Otherwise, it will be futile and useless content to get a connection.

In this sector, the tablet from Amazon wins. And is that the store catalog online has a much larger catalog, especially the section on movies, TV, books or magazines. Moreover, to take an obvious example, Amazon is credited with a catalog of books a million copies, Apple in turn only gets 200,000 titles, which is not bad but it does not reach the fourth or from Amazon.

The same goes for movies or magazines. Of course, in the field of applications, Apple has 100,000 applications for your tablet while Amazon will use its Android store (Amazon App Store) that fails or 20,000 units.

Of course, this type of equipment are for the direct consumption of audiovisual material, and Amazon has the upper hand against Apple in this regard. On the other hand, Kindle-Fire-source, supports more formats than the iPhone 2, with which the user must convert from most formats on the market in order to be compatible. Or, alternatively, use third-party applications, with the consequent cost-in order to play nine-inch screen any file downloaded from the Internet.

kindle fire vs ipad2 05


The two models may take a day's work perfectly without having to pass through to the plug. In the case of iPad 2, it will hold up to 10 hours-a little less after upgrading the operating system-while Kindle Fire should be satisfied with eight hours.


Perhaps the topic where you can appreciate more gap between the two models. And that is not characterized by Apple to sell some equipment too cheap and too often, is the subject of disagreement among customers. IPad 2 part from 500 euros for the version with 16 GB of internal space and WiFi.

Kindle Fire in turn, is an affordable and equal to all budgets. The price is $ 200 (just over 140 euros to change), but remember, your memory is eight gigabytes.

kindle fire vs ipad2 06

Remember that this type of equipment are for consumption of content in any situation. And have a great catalog to offer is a valid reason that the small Kindle Fire were put up to the Apple iPad 2. Yet another positive aspect is that Kindle Fire, during activation will not need to be able to use a computer, something that the iPad 2, as the iPhone or iPod Touch, if needed.

In addition, the price is a handicap that plays against Apple team: 500 euros 140 euros compared to Kindle Fire. But the masterstroke of Amazon comes after the launch, for the moment in America. And is that the Internet shop has made ​​available to developers the source code. Therefore, one can expect in the near future that different distributions of the operating system for the Kindle Fire come to light and squeeze the most out their full potential.

Finally, the two tablets (both Kindle 2 and Fire iPad) have their deficiencies in different aspects of everyday use. But the big difference between the two teams is in the price. And at this point, Amazon is the clear winner.

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