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iTunes, how to delete the account and unsubscribe

iTunes, how to delete the account and unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe from iTunes is not easy. As you know, the fact delete your account from a service is usually a complicated process, but for this service from Apple the thing is even more twisted. In fact, you can forget to fill out a withdrawal form or you can delete your account by clicking a button that lets you say goodbye forever. The truth is that the formula is rather complicated, so you'll need to arm yourself with patience and take steps to contact Apple . We will help you as far as possible, so we recommend you continue reading this article.
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As you know, iTunes is a service that serves as a multimedia player but also as a store of them. You can buy individual songs, entire albums, videos and even movies that allow you to nurture devices like the iPod , the iPhone or iPad , but you will see that it works more or less stable with devices based on Windows , the operating system from Microsoft . Beyond all this, know that if you've signed up for iTunes, there is no turning back immediately. In case you did not know, to unsubscribe from the service will need to contact Apple directly and request deletion of your account. It's complicated: there is no magic button.
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Here, we provide a link that allows you to access the site customer support for iTunes, so you have to make a direct question to Apple. First, you can check the support page, where you will have the option of finding any solution to the issues that you have with your products, even your best option is to telephone the following number: 902 151 992, the service technical assistance provided by a customer service hours Monday through Friday from 09:00 hours of the morning until 19:45 afternoon. The service is free, except for the fixed cost of the call, and from there you can request deletion of your account to iTunes. As I said earlier, Apple has enabled an automatic procedure to make the floor. We hope you have luck.

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