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Top 3 tips to control the destiny of your career

Top 3 tips to control the destiny of your career

In his book "Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything," John Izzo makes new emphasis on how a person can change his own life, and especially his career.

Have you ever thought, "This job would be much better if my boss did ABC" or "If the marketing team really helped me, would be able to sell more XYZ"? Regardless of the thought, Izzo says we should get rid of the helpless attitude and resolve to do something about it.

According to research Izzo, many people wait until the perfect plan to materialize before taking action, and the method of "sit and wait" is one of the biggest obstacles to success.  Here are some ways you can control the destiny of your career
Create your ideal solution

The changes arise from a common idea. If you have ideas about how your work could be better, either by improving a work process or creating efficiencies and reducing costs, share them with your boss. Your ability to show initiative and creativity will only benefit in the long term, because you'll get noticed as an employee who goes beyond what is asked. If your boss gives green light to launch a new initiative, lean and Be guided him or her. Ask their opinion on the way to mark milestones or on what would be a realistic time frame to jump-start the project.
Be open to changes, improvements and feedback

When you take a more active role by asking questions and suggesting changes, prepare for a potential negative response. Some people like their situation, and may fear or lose your job or ask them to do more work. To encourage collaboration, calls attention to opinions or ideas of others to improve or replace your original idea. The odds of a universal satisfaction may be low, but be open to discussion group to show that you are working for the common good.

It is possible that while working to improve a process or series of tasks, you run into more problems. When this occurs, determine in which areas you can work.  Be willing to put on the table insurmountable issues, to alert the project manager on these and the success of the project is not further delayed.
Remember the alternative

Many times, when you start a shift at work or in your personal life, you do it because you were tired of the present conditions and wanted to improve your life or the lives of others.  Hard days are coming, and there will be times when you run into so many walls that want to quit, but remember the past and think about the alternative you have.

In his book, Izzo says that leadership is not a position. It depends on a person choose to take the reins of a project or task and run with them. Izzo offers three tips to succed:

1. Decrees and write your intention. Once written, it is a commitment to change.

2. See beyond your position and weight. Think big and try harder than your role says, and rest assured that when you try to improve, the money will come.

3. Remember your influence, regardless of your role. You might even think you can not achieve any change in your current position, but remember that your voice counts.

Sometimes only one person is required to initiate change.

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