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Working from home ... The great challenge! 11 Tips to succed

Working from home ... The great challenge! 11 Tips to succed

At one time say that you worked from home was almost a shame. Represented not have money to set up an office and questioned the business professional. Not anymore. That vision has changed concepts practical, functional, with tax advantages, and the objective of investing in services and / or products the business offers, rather than spend on rent and other high maintenance costs before producing the money. Customers now are more interested in price and quality of services in an office visit. With technological changes such as the Internet-and-letters are not everything has been simplified and accelerated.

The latest survey of Business Owners Census (Survey of Business Owners) shows that 51.6% of businesses are operated from the homes and 58.2% of women-run businesses are based in the home. The average initial investment is $ 5,000 or less, which is not bad for an average annual income between $ 60,000 and $ 250,000. In addition, private firms and government spaces are "virtual", so that the employee works from home, saving office space and other resources.
The question is do you think will be so easy to work from home? No. Many think it is and ultimately true.  But requires discipline and discipline yourself. Why? Because as soon as you say you work from home, the first thing that tells you your friend, your cousin, your sister or your mom, is: "Ah, now you make your own schedule and have time for many things." They begin to ask favors of care, shops, supermarkets, visits, calls, etc..They swear that you have time for all. In the minimum case, maybe your husband thinks you now have more time to clean, you can stay with the kids instead of taking them to the care, you can cook lunch and do all the household errands during working hours. Sometimes you believe it to yourself. No, does not work.
All it means working from home is that this is your place of work. The advantages?  Save gas and lunch expenses, excessive traffic, maybe clothes, depending on the type of business you have or work you do, you're more comfortable and you can make tax deductions. Other than that you have a job, whether your business or you work for another. It is so serious as to an office If you went and you have to organize as it were, and even more. In your work schedule does not have time to do what you could not do if you went to an office every day. We enumerate a very useful system, tested by myself and others to learn to work from home with discipline and effectiveness:

1. Choose a room in your house, preferably with a door that can close. Equip with desk, chair, telephone with voice mail with message recorder (or cellular), computer, printer, copier and fax machine, printer or computer to do the four functions (including scanner), which are very reasonably priced . Buy office supplies you need.

2. Talk to your family and friends and set the rules. Tell them you do not call during business hours unless they are emergencies or issues that can not wait. Calls should be brief. For your peace of mind, accept calls from immediate family (children, spouse, parents, significant people), but talks briefly and ends the call if a call related to the business.
3. Do not accept favors to be interrupted working hours, unless an emergency.

4. Decide your work schedule. I suggest 9 am to 12 M and 1 pm to 5 pm.

5. Write a label for that time under the title "Office Hours" and hang on the door of the room you have chosen to office. You have no idea how much it will affect your organization.

6. Respects you assign schedule, including lunch break.

7. Discipline yourself to work, but you get used to not work overtime because you are at home. When working from home, sometimes we start the habit of extending working hours late, especially if you live alone. Work overtime only if you have important work to a deadline you have to meet, or if you are in the midst of a creative work whose inspiration can lose if you do not end up at that time. Do not exhaust yourself habitués to physically or mentally because you feel overwhelmed, your productivity and your quality will be reduced, and can not be rest or at home.

8. Avoid distractions by closing the door of your office. Do not think you have to do at home.
9. At the end of your day at work, preparing a work agenda for the next day. This will serve to organize and to leave your work, on paper the next day, and take them to schedule your home. Close your office door.

10. If your job allows, spend days and specific times to specific tasks. Depending on your type of business, for example, spend a day or a bill tomorrow. If you like something less, do it in the morning. If you have to go out running errands, try to schedule them all for the same day, so once interrupt the concentration required office work. The outputs related to customers can not always plan for their own convenience, but can be used for other steps in the street.

11. Take a daily schedule that includes not only your business appointments, but your personal commitments. That will remind you not to accept personal appointments during working hours, unless medical appointments or school-related commitments of your children. It also helps you calculate how long you have to make to meet your job or business obligations.

And when someone seeks to discourage you saying that your business is small because you work from home, say that business women control 60% of wealth (10 to 12 trillion dollars), and that in the past 15 to 20 years businesses operated by women exceeded growth in all other businesses in the United States.

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