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Performance testing with a official Galaxy S3

Performance testing with a official  Galaxy S3

A few days ago, we knew the results of performance tests of a Galaxy Samsung S3 provisional. It was a test unit that the Korean company Samsung sent to different fronts so they can take the necessary checks. Carriers are, for example, a sector typically receive a new unit will be marketed devices. Clearly in this case, the expectation was exaggerated, but justified. After the presentation live last week, the Galaxy S3 has no secrets. For this reason, have appeared since the first results of the benchmarks, these benchmarks that allow us to compare processors and other components between devices of high rank. And I say this because in this case, we have tested the effectiveness of the Samsung S3 with the Galaxy HTC X One , the Sony Xperia S or Samsung Galaxy Note . But what about the potential of the new ship insignia of Samsung?
Samsung Galaxy S3 rendimiento 01

As you can imagine, the Samsung S3 Galaxy wins by a landslide. We need to look here in the technical profile, since the device has a processor Exynos Quad 4 four-course core, running at a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz. To this we must add up to 1 GB RAM, although many low-qualified, it seems that is proving enough. The device has achieved the highest score we've seen to date, since it points to 5642 points. In this case, HTC devices like the One X One S and HTC come much to the privileged position of Samsung, scoring 4842 and 5047 scores with their respective processors, also equipped with four cores. Experts believe, however, that the Galaxy S3 has additional enhancements to the JavaScript engine, for example, which would have helped greatly in obtaining good results. And is that the phone also says a great success in the section on navigation.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rendimiento 02

Thus, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful devices on the market, surpassing the scores of newly introduced smart phones like the HTC One X or HTC S One , whose potential is also amazing and very close to reaching scores Galaxy S3. This pair of terminals, for example, is already ahead of other phones presented in recent times, although it seems clear that the technology of Samsung is breaking molds. In any case, we can say that brands like HTC , Sony and Apple are positioned at the forefront of the latest technologies of the moment.
samsung galaxy s3 14
The Galaxy Samsung S3, just four days ago presented, appears at the mass market with a processor quad-core Exynos a Super AMOLED screen HD up to 4.8 inches. It incorporates a camera with eight-megapixel sensor which is particularly skilled to shoot video in Full HD (1080p). Besides being compatible with all major connectivity options, the Samsung Galaxy S3 chip incorporates the first time an NFC (Near Field Communication) that will allow us to start experimenting with this innovative technology. Works with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and comes with a battery of 2,100 milliamps. Customers can begin to enjoy Spanish from next May 29.
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