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Beauty Tips for treating eye strain

Beauty Tips for treating eye strain

Passing a bad night, the accumulated stress, fatigue, etc.. bring as a consequence, swollen eyelids and dark circles.

To avoid eyestrain, we must begin to sleep the hours necessary to avoid the consumption of snuff, alcohol and caffeine.

Eat a cleansing diet fruit and vegetables. Avoid or reduce the salt of the meals, which will help prevent fluid retention, which should complement diuretic infusions.

Also, when your face is felt tired and haggard, it's time to take a warm bath and gently masajees hair with horsehair. Then cold water dropping from the feet and climbs gradually to the rest of the body, this will help to improve blood circulation.

If in the morning when getting up, you notice that your eyes are very swollen, what to do, at night before going to sleep, gently massage performed upper and lower eyelids of the eye with olive oil and few drops of lemon.

You can also apply compresses of chamomile tea, which you should let it rest for five minutes. Next, add pads soaked in cold water.

With these beauty treatments, your face will look beautiful and looking radiant. Do not forget these beauty tips to share with your friends from social networks.

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