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Samsung HT-ES8200, in-depth analysis,read this before buy

Samsung HT-ES8200, in-depth analysis

For a thousand dollars, the average user is guaranteed the full access to a whole new world of entertainment thanks to the home theater all in one Samsung HT-ES8200. You can also convert the facility of the room, and a little dated, in a system of intelligent entertainment. It is a 2.1 system that will not quickly become outdated, and above all can enjoy the latest in home theater, and other sources of additional content. This means small elements, finished with care. Music and movies in the living room, a team of few modules, installed and configured quickly, but that is even able to play video in three dimensions. It also ensures quality surround sound with just three speakers: two front and one bass.


samsung ht-es8200
There is no point buying a machine like this to keep it in a locked cabinet out of sight. The intention of the designers have been just the opposite. The Samsung HT-ES8200 is composed of four modules, but nothing pretty discreet. First, it highlights the main unit. It has a beautiful silver color. Is not completely square. In fact, it has a slightly trapezoidal, with a classic soft touch. On the left side carries the slot for optical discs. Can be inserted just below the TV star. This unit is also the playback system, very full indeed, and some of the connectivity.

Within the system all in one there are two front speakers and delegates stylized design of towers and a height of about 53 centimeters. Once seated the audience, the sound soar just above your ears making a good balance of frequencies and a good surround image. Not large or bulky. Are still standing by a silver base, solid but unobtrusive, and carry a black color front grilles. The last member of the system is the subwoofer, finished in two complementary shades of gray. With the help of the front speakers amounts to 400 W of power. Provides a punch very convincing, even in the most exciting passages. No satellites. Do not run wires to the back of the room. In short, do not complicate your life.

samsung ht-es8200
This is one of the great virtues of home theater system Samsung HT-ES8200. It offers no difficulty connecting computers, starting with the living room TV. The ultimate in home theater, in three dimensions and with surround sound, thanks to its HDMI output. It can also respond to new challenges and needs, because it has two HDMI inputs for plugging in a digital satellite TV decoder or a game console, for example. Equipment owners may use somewhat outdated composite video output.

Do not forget also to behave well with the video, is a powerful sound system. Hence the prominence they acquire the optical digital audio input and stereo auxiliary covering needs for users with slightly less equipment and media used today, but are still present in many homes. That's not to say that with this system, Samsung are neglecting those who enjoy the latter. The presence of two USB 2.0 host type denies. With a simple memory stick, can play music and videos exchanged on the Internet or shared with friends. The same USB port can be connected to a mobile phone to an iPhone or an iPod.

But there's more. Is the added advantage of wireless connectivity on two fronts. First through Bluetooth . It is the most current course. You get home with your music on your phone, or check some video clips and in seconds you'll be enjoying in the team room house with all its quality. Equally useful is the Wi-Fi . In combination with DLNA support, facilitates access to content stored on hard drives and computers connected to your home network, but also the connection to the internet, Samsung Smart TV platform. You can also access Internet by Ethernet.

Sound and Vision
samsung ht-es8200
With a capacity of connection as complete, the Korean had to create an electronic solvent, but above all very capable from the standpoint of media file formats from both optical discs, such as USB or streaming. It supports AVCHD, DivX, DivX or MKV HD video in the field, while the audio include MP3 and AAC. Photographs and graphics must be in JPEG.

This Samsung 2.1 system is to last. It incorporates an optical reader that supports discs Blu-ray , but also with DVD. You can also play Blu-ray 3D. That vocation is completed with a three-dimensional converter 2D 3D , which is convenient, especially given the lack of 3D content. The sources of low-resolution video is rescaled to 1080 when using the HDMI output. And online videos look quite good quality.

The three-channel surround, two front and one for bass, is the answer for many users with medium halls, which has no place in the rear to place your speakers, because they are not willing to make cable runs through the room . THE HT-ES8200 get it at the cost of incorporating the best electronic multi-channel sound decoding. Works seamlessly with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD or DTS. You can generate up to 7.1 channels with only 2.1.

There are other benefits that are also necessary, as the equalizer for music and film sound, intelligent volume avoids many scares lowering the level in the ad units, the ability to regulate intensity of the bass, or the filter to retrieve some of those frequencies that are lost in MP3 files when zipped.

Smart TV
samsung ht-es8200
With a system like this, in short, what you are talking about is intelligence, Samsung Smart TV . Power available in the living room TV like a computer desktop where icons are pressed and provide access to applications and online services. No hassle for the user and the scope of the buttons on the remote control. Not just audio and video content, but also applications for the whole family, adults and children, and they grow every day. And all this without forgetting the social dimension of entertainment. As a token worth Fitness application that allows parents to be fit, or Family Story, created to easily share all kinds of souvenirs.

In short, a home theater system all in one 2.1-channel with advanced, but easy to install and use. 

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Model Samsung HT-ES8200
Channels 2.1
Total output power 400 W
Reading optical discs Blu-Ray 3D
Support formats AVCHD
Sound Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby True HD
DTS 96/24
Virtual Surround 7.1 and 5.1
Connectivity HDMI Output
Composite video output
Optical audio input
Stereo audio input
2 USB 2.0 host
iPhone / iPod USB
Dimensions mainframe
Dimensions front speakers
Dimensions subwoofer
380 x 158 x 23 mm
647 x 53 x 53 mm
200 x 390 x 350 mm
Price $ 1,000

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