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10 tips for improving battery in the new iPad

10 tips for improving battery in the new iPad

In total, at the discretion of Apple , the new iPhone is able to match their predecessors in autonomy. That is, qu and using Wi-Fi device, the tablet could eventually putting up with up to ten hours of hard work. However, it is likely that at some point requieras dilate the track a little more, for which it is highly recommended to follow any of the advice from you aim to make the battery in the new iPhone a little more support time through a series of simple tricks.

new iPad

Disable 3G connection

In this case, of course, we can only run the council should have a model equipped with access to mobile Internet networks. But still, it's important to remember that whenever you're not using 3G data connection, you go to the settings menu and disable the option of mobile networks. This prevents the terminal is constantly receiving information sent and then watch the sand fall of autonomy.

Disables the connection to Wi-Fi

Now, any tablet of the range can run this advice. As in the previous case, if we do not surf the Internet or using any application that needs to be connected to the network for a long period of time, you should avoid connection. The moment you need it back, just activate again. This downtime will not have had a connected option.

new iPad

Adjusts the display brightness

Although everything looks better in general, with the light panel at top speed, you must know that the higher energy expenditure comes precisely from the emanation of the screen. In most of you are in a poorly lit, prevents 2,048 x 1,536 pixels 9.7-inch distributed over the new iPad's battery terminal settled more than necessary. In the touch screen you can adjust the brightness setting so that, using the minimum necessary, can use the tablet without wasting autonomy.

Turn off the music player's equalizer

Here comes the surprise. The music player of the new iPhone has a feature that adjusts the audio equalization we launch the application in real time. It is a very interesting system for the system itself frequencies conform to the optimum levels required for the enjoyment of mísica we launch. However, it is a function that consumes power, and more than you might think. Disable this option we will be a major boost, and you can do from the music menu in the settings box.

new iPad

Disable Bluetooth wireless port

Unless recurras a wireless headset, a wireless audio system or wireless keyboards, it is likely that the Bluetooth connection can remain open without latent form you get to give real value. That is why, whenever you are aware that you are not going to be using, lock this port from the settings menu. The total range will thank you.

Cancels Push notifications

It is really comfortable to wait for the device to alert you in real time whenever there is an update or a new event linked to some of your user accounts built into IOS, either e-mail, calendar, social networking messages. However, this option requires a constant latency makes little sense if our intention is to delay as much as possible battery life. It is best to turn off notifications and periodic checks on hand in large periods of time.

new iPad

Set the auto lock as soon as possible

This option connects with the board on the screen brightness setting. And, even when not running activities in the foreground, the iPad consumes resources while running. Let go to sleep or lock in the shortest time possible will help us to make an interesting collection of autonomy. So, tell them the system settings to the device to lock automatically to the smallest delay.

Disables the location

The new iPhone has triangulation systems using Wi-Fi and A-GPS-3G model it in - which are very useful when we resort to our position geolocalicen applications. However, resources are very inefficient in energy terms, so if we will not need them, agree that from the settings menu indicate, in the location section, we do not want to keep this service active.

new iPad

Closing applications

The new iPhone can hold a multitude of applications in the background, which may also be bleeding the autonomy of the device unnecessarily. To avoid this, press a couple of times the start button so they can see which programs are still open. Press a few seconds over an icon and when everyone starts to shake is that you consider closing that make no sense to stay open.

Keep the new iPad updated with the latest version

One of the special interest which always put the Apple system responsible whenever you develop a new version of IOS is in the efficiency of the platform in terms of autonomy. Thus, despite a few exceptions, be aware of if we have the latest edition of the operating system will be an important step to know that resources are best managed terminal possible.

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