Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

iPad: How to download free ebooks for iPad

iPad: How to download free ebooks for iPad

Not all content available to us on the Internet are extra. As you may know, there are many free tools and applications that constitute the very essence of the philosophy of sharing knowledge. The tablet of Apple , the iPhone is an interesting support for this type of content. The other day we talked about various sources that allow us to download comic books, both free and paid, to read from our iPad, and why not, from any other tablet that works with other operating systems like Android or Windows Phone . Today we offer another interesting set of resources for book lovers. If you leave on vacation and want to enjoy a good selection of books for the whole family can read, you can visit all the libraries that we offer. And download free books for everyone!

1) Virtual Cervantes.
Cervantes Virtual 01
That yours is the Spanish literature, since you have to connect to the Cervantes Virtual Library , a space which provides the good and the best of literature written within the Hispanic field. Do not you going to finish all summer, so we have a great proposal if you want to review some classics as Cervantes, Calderon, Lope, Larra, Zorrilla, Perez Galdos, Pardo Bazan, Lorca and Alberti, to name a few. Here you will not have to download any PDF, since the texts are available through the navigation between pages. In fact, Cervantes Virtual ask you to sign in to the page for each author to take a look at his biography and enlighten step in this area too. If you decide to download the classic Hispanic Americans, will have the option of looking into the letters of Indian Jesuit Bartolome de las Casas, delight in the poetry of Oliver Girondo or enjoy the ironic history of Alfredo Bryce Echenique. You have a whole world at your fingertips, without downloads or prepayment.

2) Cervantes Library of Children's Literature.
It is that despite the holiday, children do not lose the taste for reading and enjoy the summer thinking that there are thousands of stories that are waiting in the books. In the same Library Cervantes, there is a major subdivision, of Children's Literature. If your children have the iPhone by hand, can access this page and you can suggest some interesting reading. Is Gloria Fuertes, Ema Wolf and Jordi Sierra y Fabra, among many other classics.

3) Touch of Classic Children.

The illustration is as important as the text. Taking advantage of the interactivity offered by resources such as iPad, an application has been born as Touch of Classic. From this space, you can download an application that will take you to a shelf with interactive literary classics, which fail to capture the attention of the child through activities and interaction touches. This is a new way of reading using the iPad.
4) The Aleph, literature.

We are not talking or the story or the book of Borges. Today we have to refer to a page swilling , where you can download any book in various formats, to open on the iPad. Best of all, by navigation, you can find almost any book of world literature translated into Spanish. Apart from fiction, poetry or theater, you'll also find practical books on health, medicine, sport, language, biography, business, television, et cetera. If you want you can download the volume you want via the iPhone itself and can enjoy any time and place of your favorite books.

5) iTunes, a universe full of possibilities.

Finally, if you have an iPhone know that Apple offers (from iTunes, of course) a book selling service where you can find thousands of hits. You can browse all the sections and enjoy the content in English: this is without doubt a good way to review our level of English. In this case, the books are extra, but you can find interesting news to the price of three, four, ten euros or even free.

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