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5 tips for choosing a compact digital camera

5 tips for choosing a compact camera

We are in the summer and many are preparing for your vacation. These days, sales soar cameras , particularly compact . And we all like to take some good photos of the holiday despite not masters of photography .

When buying a compact camera should take into account some important aspects. Not all are equal and of course cost the same. Within what we mean by compact camera, there is a huge variety of models, from basic to professional cameras . To find what best suits our needs.

1. Think about your needs before going to the store

Before buying a camera should be clear that we want. Not the same think of a camera to take pictures of the beach vacation, you want to do an album to give away. We must also take into account our level of interest in the art of photography. If we intend to start learning advanced techniques need cameras with certain options.


2. Be advised, but not by the store clerk

Everyone has a friend who likes photography. It is worth asking for advice before buying a camera, as our friend may well know what level we are. However, we must consider as a valid opinion of the store clerk. Leaving aside the most impeccable honesty that some vendors do not forget that most of them charge a fee. Therefore, you may get out of the store with a camera and do not need a big hole in your wallet.

3. Search connectivity

Cameras in mobile phones have opened a new world of possibilities for photo enthusiasts. Before we kept our shots into albums and later in the hard disk of the computer . Now what goes into share, and the phone is easy.
But they are beginning to launch many cameras that can compete in this field. Are good cameras, optics and sensors to a mobile can not aspire. Also have free WiFi , which increases the possibilities of the camera. Automatic backup and share photos on social networks are just some of the possibilities. Find the connected camera, is the present and future.

4. Think ahead: good optics and a few megapixels

And speaking of the future, there are a few things worth to consider. Digital cameras have two parts: the electronics and optics. Today, the electronics is moving very fast, as in the other fixtures. However, the optics are a very different. A good lens, well maintained, can last almost forever, so this should be taken into account.

The camera sensor will soon be old, but this is not necessarily a problem. The megapixel war ended long ago, because there was no point rise more and more the figure. Based on a minimum number having more number of pixels is usually good for nothing. Today, the cheapest compact sensors include at least 12 megapixels. With a size like this is going to overrun photo for anything. Deciding to buy a camera or another by this figure does not make much sense for the average consumer, unless you are thinking of papering the walls of her house with photos.
Therefore, when buying a camera and last us a long time, pay attention to the optics. If you have a good zoom shot, if light (this is measured by the number f. The lower the better), etc..

5. Compare prices

As with other electronic devices, there are huge price differences between cameras depending on where the look. Tenders stores, stocks or the price of newly released cameras are factors to consider. The cameras are, by comparison, many months remaining items on the shelves.

Renewal of product photography is slower than, for example, on mobile. So if we love with a newly introduced model, we can be sure that price will drop after a while. Furthermore, if we look at more than one place can save a little on the purchase.

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