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6 Secrets to buying the perfect jean

Secrets to buying the perfect jean

For almost all women can be a nightmare when choosing the right garment.

And it is not something that can be solved in half an hour, unless you are going to replace one that you know is you painted.

But even so, because you still need to be removed doubts about possible defects in the cut and the fit.

Not to mention if we consider the price of denim pants that far from being for workers and in the beginning, now seem to be made ​​for millionaires.

Hence, then, that the investment in a jean (not just need one, but several) involves a process of analysis and evaluation.
Here are some key secrets that we need to know not to suffer in the fitting and make shopping a pleasure.

They are:

1-If you have a flat tail, straight and your jeans pocket.

Usually, these figures tend to have thin legs, they can choose the model type "cigarette". What not to watch: cuts too loose.

2-If you have lots of curves, rather classic straight cut is your best option because it softens and, in turn, suggests the ways.

3-If you're petite, decant your choice for a pair of medium and long shot.
jeans photo
Say "no" to the shorts. Ideally, being straight. Pay special attention to avoid models with wide legs will produce an optical illusion because you will see even lower.

4-If you have belly, lean of a cut that comes just below the waist to cover and does not make rolls.

We recommend buying one size down for tighter more comfortable and do not tighten others.

5 - If you have wide hips, the model is going to come with a shot slightly lower.

Attention to the faded, those of prominent hips and tail will be nothing favored with the light tones and nuanced, better to choose dark colors they know full disguise the volume. Nothing too tight leg will more evident because your hips. Also, do not forget, prohibited from reaching the ankle pants!
6-As for washing, what you have to know is that light shades on the hip, tail and thighs will make you look wider than you are.

The ideal is dark and smooth. To maintain its color, wash your jeans inside out and cold water.

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