Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

Juegos con Envio gratis a todo el mundo por menos de USD $ 9.99

How to use Samsung Galaxy S SCL as a GPS

A few days ago we released a Samsung Galaxy S SCL , acquired through an offer of Movistar by zero euros for freelancers. Indeed, as we tell you in another article , Movistar offers this phone instead of the Samsung Galaxy S original, since this first and stocks have been exhausted, in most cases. 

The fact is that this holiday we decided to take a trip through some cities of Andalusia and by route, we wanted to test the browser GPS offering the Samsung Galaxy S SCL through Android . Anyway, on a route as long as this, the browser is indispensable, especially when entering the cities and to search for a hotel, for example. If you're not used to dedicated GPS devices, you'll find in this type of terminal a real lifesaver for your orientation.


The first thing we did was find the most interesting applications to use the Galaxy S SCL like a GPS navigator. The problem is quite clear in these cases: the cost of shipping packages is quite expensive if you want to make a point using the browser. If you use it intensively, we recommend the purchase, although with reservations. The software was initially tested Sygic, one of the most popular, which is available for Android in a trial that only lasts a week. The download and installation are relatively simple process, but you will have to be patient and wait about 15 minutes with a connection Wi-Fi .

The truth is that experience has been relatively good, with some reservations that we will discuss. Installation is simple and fairly complete user interface. The instructions provided voice is pleasant and in fact can be configured in a variety of languages, which is always appreciated because it also includes the official languages ​​of the peninsula.

The problem is that the version is somewhat deficient. Before we left we tried travel in areas known and the errors are persistent. Some maps, if not the majority, are outdated, so that the driver has no other q ue to improvise on the fly. Works well in large cities, but is lost in that there are roundabouts and counting of outputs. In short, do not blindly trust the browser.

Our experience was more positive about the trial ended and started using the Google browser. You will find the application by clicking on "Navigation" in the phone menu and you can configure your routes (by car or on foot), typing or saying aloud the destination. Then - and if location services are working properly - you'll see that the system traces the route and begins to give precise instructions to reach the selected site. Voice prompts are not so nice, we say because the tone of the girl is pretty robotic, but failures are less clear. Clearly, some guidelines are wrong, we realize that by using the GPS on familiar roads - but the response of the device is remarkable.

One of the main disadvantages, in this case is related to service disconnections. Thus, the GPS is lost steadily and do not choice but to reboot the system to reconfigure the route. Beyond these faults, the free GPS SCL Samsung Android Galaxy S has more than fulfilled, especially considering that a system is standard on the phone. 100% recommended and useful.

Recommendations: Acquire a charger for the phone, because with the browser enabled battery drain is much more pronounced. The charger is usually quite cheap, since it goes from 10 euros and can be connected to the cigarette lighter. You can also buy a universal bracket that will make driving much safer - especially if traveling alone - to see the instructions at a glance.

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